Fandom Brings Acquired Brands Into the Fold with Google Workspace Migration

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Dec 19, 2023


Solutions: Google Workspace

Industries: Entertainment

San Francisco, USA

Founded in 2004, Fandom is a platform that hosts wikis on entertainment topics, such as movies, TV series, and video games. Almost two decades later, Fandom encompasses more than 40 million content pages in over 80 languages on 250,000 wikis about every fictional universe ever created.

Fandom acquired six new brands, including 130 users who were different productivity and collaboration platforms than Fandom. Fandom’s primary collaboration platform is Google Workspace, so Fandom needed to onboard these new users and transition the new employees to Google Workspace. As part of this transition, Fandom needed to ensure that the new users from the recently acquired company felt supported and were integrated correctly into the Fandom environment and culture.

What we did:

During acquisitions, time is of the essence, and Fandom needed a partner that could move quickly. The team at Pythian was able to turn around an estimate for Fandom and start the project within a matter of weeks.
Since Fandom was acquiring brands within a much larger platform, Pythian first had to determine which portion of the data should be migrated. From there, Pythian managed the migration, consolidating each user’s email, calendar, and contacts into a single Fandom account on Workspace. Pythian also facilitated communications with the acquired employees throughout the entire migration process.


Technologies used:

  • Google Workspace


“Fandom’s partnership with Pythian during the Red Ventures acquisition not only streamlined our transition but also set the stage for better communications and collaboration, allowing our newly acquired employees to be integrated into Fandom faster.” – Maciej Koska, Senior Manager of Global IT


Key Outcomes

Pythian was able to help streamline Fandom’s acquisition by facilitating the migration to Google Workspace.

  • Pythian was able to quickly onboard the acquired users with minimal business interruption. 
  • Pythain helped Fandom streamline communications and collaboration between existing and acquired employees. 
  • Fandom’s uniform experience helps keep employees engaged, run projects smoothly and increase overall productivity
  • Fandom also simplified the management of its IT platform by maintaining a single vendor agreement

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