Financial SaaS Company Migrates to Google AlloyDB for PostgreSQL

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Dec 11, 2023


Google Cloud Platform


Financial / IT


Montreal, Canada

This financial SaaS company was running their blockchain consumption platform on Amazon’s Aurora PostgreSQL, which generated a block of data every 1.5 seconds. The company began experiencing data ingestion performance and scalability issues with their production cluster; the insert speed was limiting the cluster, and team members were unsure if it was due to indexes or structures.

The company needed to optimize speed and improve scalability—with no time to waste. The company wanted Pythian’s help evaluating whether to continue on Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL or migrate to Google’s AlloyDB. Google’s fully managed PostgreSQL-compatible database service is designed for the most demanding enterprise workloads.

What we did: 

After discussing the company’s needs, Pythian’s database experts got to work. Pythian worked with the company to build a migration plan and then conduct a comparative test to evaluate the current database environment on Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL against Google AlloyDB.

Pythian provisioned Google AlloyDB, carefully reviewing and adjusting the configuration to achieve settings as similar as possible to the source AWS database to ensure the comparison wouldn’t face bottlenecks caused by the configuration.

Pythian also helped optimize the AlloyDB environment by providing repeatable deployment steps and documented best practices to make the environment more performant and cost-effective.

Technologies used: 

  • Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL
  • Google AlloyDB for PostgreSQL 
  • Google Cloud

Key Outcomes

Pythian presented comparative testing to key stakeholders to identify the benefits and limitations of migrating to Google AlloyDB. The comparative test determined that Google AlloyDB provides a more performant environment, yielding better results to meet the business’s needs.

  • Pythian prepared the Google AlloyDB infrastructure for testing and migrated the data from Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL to Google AlloyDB.
  • Google AlloyDB improved the company’s database performance—performing 3x faster.
  • The company saved 60% in operational data costs by migrating.

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