FYI Docs chooses Pythian for PostgreSQL performance fixes and to reduce cloud spend

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Feb 28, 2023


FYI Docs


Information Technology

Adelaide, Australia

FYI Docs is a leading accounting solutions technology company based in Adelaide, Australia. Over 15,000 finance and accounting professionals worldwide rely on the platform’s automated processes, cloud documentation management, and integration features.

FYI Docs sought a trusted advisor and technical resource to diagnose and address its technical challenges, FYI Docs turned to AWS for its recommended partner of choice, Pythian. Pythian helped improve database performance while reducing cloud spend.

FYI Docs now benefits from fewer database performance issues, greater cloud spend savings, and a reliable partner with deep technical expertise in Postgres and AWS.

What we did

The client experienced performance issues with its PostgreSQL database and turned to Pythian for help. Pythian's in-depth health check revealed that the database’s table size was over three terabytes, resulting in heavy indexing, unoptimized maintenance processes, and continuous disk checking.

Pythian recommended several fixes to resolve the database performance issues and rising cloud costs: partitioning the database into smaller tables, reducing the FYI Docs’ AWS instance size, and optimizing the Autovacuum process. Pythian worked with FYI Docs’ team to implement these solutions on the customer’s Australian and UK databases, resulting in improved performance and cost savings.

Technologies used 

  • Amazon Aurora
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)
  • CloudWatch
  • Amazon Web Services Command Line Interface (AWS CLI)
  • PostgreSQL

Customer Testimonial

Key Outcomes

By reducing table disk read frequency and tuning the default autovacuum configurations, Pythian enabled several key outcomes.

  •  FYI Docs’ technology team can focus on delivering new, innovative product features versus combating recurring database performance issues.
  • Sales, training, and support teams are confident that their customer success and revenue-driving activities are operating with stability.
  • Cloud costs are now more predictable due to infrastructure enhancements on AWS.

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