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Global retailer moves voluminous warehouse order processing data from SAP to Google Cloud to get access to real-time inventory status and ad hoc analysis in Tableau

A global retailer with a large eCommerce channel moved their data from an SAP ECC system to Google Cloud, and then into Google’s BigQuery. The data was used to set up daily, real-time feeds from SAP to Google Cloud, creating easy-to-read Tableau dashboards.




Retail & E-commerce


HQ in Richardson, TX with retail outlets and distribution centers around the world

When this apparel retailer was founded, they were a small wholesale business. Now, they sell a range of accessories, and their profit comes from their retail stores, eCommerce websites, and wholesale merchandising.

Because of their eCommerce growth, they implemented enhancements to their European warehouse. They also released eCommerce websites across the globe – a task that would have proved almost impossible without updated reporting.

What we did

The Pythian team provided a data flow from Google Cloud every 15 minutes, with access to current data in modern platforms, that included Tableau and BigQuery, making order status reporting more accurate and comprehensible


Technologies used

  • Google Cloud
  • Google BigQuery
  • Cloud Composer
  • Tableau

Key Outcomes

Near real time access to order data in SAP.
When anyone from the global retailer opens Tableau, they can put in an order number and immediately know that the current status is accurate. Previously, it could take hours to get data on whether an order had been picked, packed or shipped – now that data is refreshed every 15 minutes.

Easily viewable, current and accurate data.
By moving the data to modern platforms like Tableau and BigQuery, the global retailer was able to view their data in a modern, easy-to-digest format.  they’re well-positioned to do so successfully.

Updated reporting in time for the holiday shopping surge.
Pythian completed a digital release, so the retailer could use the new reports on the biggest shopping days of the year – Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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