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Mexican retailer improves reporting with move to BigQuery and Google Cloud

Migrating data warehouse to cloud dramatically boosts performance and cuts costs.





Retail & E-commerce



Pythian helped a large Mexican retailer trade up from an outdated and costly on-premises data warehouse to sleek and efficient analytics with Google Cloud and BigQuery. Business users now have ready access to the data from across the retailer’s footprint, and the company’s computing costs dropped to just 10-20 percent of their previous expenses.

What we did 

Pythian managed the retailer’s migration from Teradata to Google Cloud and BigQuery in just a few weeks. Pythian configured a custom Composer interface so retailer can continue using their on-premises tools for orchestration and maximize their investment.

Technologies used 

  • Google Cloud
  • BigQuery
  • Cloud Composer

Key Outcomes

Moving the retailer’s data to a scalable, efficient cloud framework allows business users to access necessary data and analytics every day, without issues. BigQuery and Google Cloud dramatically reduce the retailer’s costs; their new cloud environment costs just 10-20 percent of their previous Teradata expenses.

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