Proactive PostgreSQL Performance Solutions Set Gaming Platform up for Sustainable Scalability

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Aug 31, 2023


Ruby Play Network


Information Technology

Christchurch and Westport, New Zealand

Ruby Play Network, a rapidly growing crypto and gaming development studio, needed a robust strategy to manage rising data volumes on its PostgreSQL databases on Amazon Aurora Serverless V2. AWS recommended Pythian for its PostgreSQL and AWS Aurora expertise. 

With Pythian’s assistance, Ruby Play Network can now prioritize database optimizations to enhance performance, security, and availability, ensuring excellent customer and developer experiences.

What we did

Pythian conducted a thorough technical review of Ruby Play Network’s PostgreSQL AWS Aurora environment. We provided guidelines for performance optimization, security enhancements, configuration stability, and database monitoring. Our recommendations have enabled Ruby Play Network to manage its growing data volumes better and maintain peak performance, ultimately protecting the player experience.


Technologies used

  • Amazon Aurora Serverless V2
  • PostgreSQL

Key Outcomes

Through the partnership with Pythian, Ruby Play Network achieved several key outcomes:


Teams now comprehensively understand their PostgreSQL AWS Aurora Serverless V2 environment, allowing them to maintain their growing platform's performance, availability, and security.

With a robust database performance strategy, Ruby Play Network can focus on innovation, improving customer and developer experiences while reducing overall system performance and AWS expenses.

The company has gained the ability to proactively manage its rapidly growing data volumes, ensuring a seamless developer and player experience.

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