QAD achieves $1.7 million savings with Google Translate API and Machine Learning

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Nov 28, 2022




Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California; customers worldwide

QAD, a manufacturing ERP software provider, needed fast, accurate translations of its online help for customers in 10 different languages. Human translation was cost-prohibitive, but the Google Translate API combined with an AutoML model now translates 2-3,000 page help files in under 15 minutes. The company estimates a $1.7 million savings in the first year.

What we did

As a long-time Pythian customer for Google Cloud managed services and support, QAD knew outsourcing to the experts would pay off in an accelerated timeline and well-designed product.

Pythian created a robust and user-friendly solution with the Google Translate API and an AutoML model. This enabled QAD to add 20 years of industry and product-specific terminology to Google Translate’s existing lexicon. With a few clicks, staff can upload a help file in English, specify a language, and receive a completed translation in approximately 15 minutes.


Technologies used

  • Google Translate
  • Google AutoML

Key Outcomes

After a successful Proof of Concept with several languages, the company will do a full launch in 2022 with all 10 languages. QAD estimates savings of $1.7 million in the first year. They’ll be faster to market, with more comprehensive online help files for their customers around the world. The tool is extremely easy to use and will continue to improve in quality as the model learns over time.

"Pythian are experts, and rather than us learn everything from the ground up, it was easier to outsource. It really played to the strengths of the people."

Thomas Blumer, Director of Knowledge Management, QAD

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