Retirement planning company moves to the cloud with help from Pythian

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Sep 5, 2023


Financial Services

Our client is a large American online retirement planning company whose services include managed IRAs, 401 (k) advice and management, and retirement income planning. The client is the first company of its kind to use the internet for retirement planning, providing advice and management to 1.5 million people for almost 20 years.  

Pythian has been a strategic partner for close to 10 years, providing Oracle DBA support for their on-premises servers. Throughout this time, Pythian has managed backups, installed patches, and handled performance tuning and maintenance. Recently, this client was considering switching from Oracle to another RDBMS to reduce licensing costs—which were hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Pythian suggested changing the RDBMS to Microsoft SQL Server and migrating to Microsoft Azure to eliminate ongoing operational support and maintenance of hardware in their data center. 

What we did

  • Provided vendor-agnostic cloud consulting and migration advice as well as managed services—an end-to-end engagement as a trusted partner 
  • Performed a feasibility study on migrating from Oracle to SQL Server; analyzed all of the data types, store procedures, and the schema on the company’s Oracle database, then verified that the data itself and the application were ideally suited to SQL Server
  • Recommended a migration to a SQL Server environment and provided a proposal for implementing the migration 
  • Provided Cloud Migration Services to convert one of their clients from Oracle to SQL Server and hosting the infrastructure in Microsoft Azure; this was a proof-of-concept (PoC) project (all other clients remained on Oracle and the on-premises servers)
  • Providing continued managed services for the two environments to support all of the client’s needs with site reliability engineering and monitoring for the six-month PoC testing period  

Technologies used

  • Microsoft SQL Server 
  • Microsoft Azure 


Key Outcomes

Pythian is currently supporting the PoC migration with managed services and awaiting the end of the PoC testing period to complete the move to the cloud. 

Increased confidence

that a move from Oracle on premises to SQL Server on Microsoft Azure was feasible 

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