Social media SaaS platform benefits from automation with Pythian

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Sep 5, 2023


Social Media SaaS Platform


Social Media

A social media management platform with more than 15 million users needed to ensure maximum security and performance for its MySQL authentication processes. These improvements would allow the client to minimize downtime, be compliant with new data protection regulations, and expand the feature set available to its developers.  

Pythian had been providing maintenance and upgrade support to the company since 2015. This established history of service made Pythian the obvious choice to assist with their growing needs.

What we did

  • Provided expertise on MySQL security and DevOps-structured environments 
  • Implemented a MySQL Bastion proxy for a testing and staging environment to automate access control and administration tasks for increased security and productivity 
  • Customized code to integrate Vault with ProxySQL  
  • Provided 24/7 troubleshooting and support 

Technologies used

  • MySql
  • ProxySQL
  • HashiCorpVault

Key Outcomes

With a fast-growing user base, we needed a significant upgrade in our performance and security. Pythian made it happen quickly and smoothly.
– CIO, Social Media SaaS company 

Improved security, reliability, and uptime

 by automating internal processes 

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