With Google Workspace, QAD Turns Acquisitions into a Smooth Ride

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Dec 19, 2023


Solution: Google Workspace

Industries: Manufacturing , Logistics

Location: Santa Barbara, USA

QAD Inc. is a provider of next-generation manufacturing and supply chain solutions in the cloud. The company delivers adaptive applications that help manufacturers rapidly respond and adapt to disruptions in supply and fluctuations in demand by seamlessly optimizing agility, efficiency, and resilience.

When QAD acquired RedZone, a connected workforce platform, and Livejourney, a provider of real-time process mining and predictive modeling solutions, the company also acquired new employees. But those new employees were using Office 365, so QAD needed to onboard users from two different companies and bring them together into a single, unified IT environment.

What we did:

Pythian was tasked with running two different migrations, from RedZone and Livejourney, within a single project scope. That required understanding the specifications of each environment so they could both be migrated with minimal disruption to business operations. 

Pythian first successfully migrated the acquired companies’ historical data over to QAD’s Google Workspace environment. The most recent data was then migrated over a weekend, so the newly acquired employees could show up to work on Monday morning with all of their documents intact—only in Google Workspace rather than Office 365. In addition, all of their emails were routed to Gmail with zero downtime.

Pythian provided change management services, including support and on-demand training, to the newly acquired employees about the migration process.


Technologies used:

  • Google Workspace – Enterprise Plus edition
  • Google Workspace – Business Starter edition


“We see Pythian as a true partner. They helped our new teams get onboarded, and using Google Workspace in no time, helping us get the results we wanted, and more.”

– Scott Lawson, Director, IT Security & Architecture at QAD

Key Outcomes

After the weekend migration, it was business as usual for the company’s 2,650 users, and the newly acquired employees onboarded quickly.

  • The new environment had an extremely high adoption rate, with few support requests. 
  • Newly acquired employees were able to quickly start collaborating with their new colleagues and communicating with customers.
  • Pythian also discovered some email configuration issues in QAD’s environment, which led Pythian to conduct an email security deep dive and fix them.

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