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ChromeOS is a cloud-first operating system that provides employees with a modern experience and devices that stay fast, have built-in security, deploy quickly, and reduce the total cost of ownership.


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At Pythian, we’re passionate about pioneering new technologies and exploring new opportunities with you to work smarter.

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Get value faster with reduced risk with proven solutions and automation for your ChromeOS deployments

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Whether it’s ChromeOS, tools, or devices, our one-stop shop has what you need.


Win in the cloud with
ChromeOS devices

Built-in and proactive security

  • ChromeOS devices have built-in security features like data encryption, sandboxing, and Google-designed Titan C chip. Other key security features include:
    • Google Safe Browsing alerting users from navigating to malicious sites.
    • Executables don’t run on ChromeOS, eliminating the need for antivirus software.
    • IT controls prevent lost or stolen devices and regularly update security in the background.

Fast deployment and easy management

  • ChromeOS devices deploy up to 63% faster than other operating systems with no imaging required because devices automatically download users’ apps, settings, and bookmarks stored in a cloud profile. The cloud-based Google Admin console allows IT to configure policies, control updates, and install or manage apps from anywhere.

A smart and eco-friendly investment

  • ChromeOS is designed to minimize costs and energy consumption over time. By making the switch, businesses can save on reduced deployment, upgrade, and training costs. ChromeOS devices are built with sustainable and recyclable materials.

Simplify your life with ChromeOS Device Management

Try a no-cost 30-day trial of Chrome Enterprise Upgrade

Enroll up to 50 of your organization’s ChromeOS devices for 30 days. Chrome Enterprise Upgrade provides a simple and secure way to manage all your ChromeOS devices.

Drop ship devices

Drop ship devices directly to employees ready to be signed in with zero-touch enrollment.

Advanced security

Remotely wipe or disable devices, force re-enrollment, and enable sign-in restrictions to ensure data stays in the right hands.

Manage updates at your own pace

Choose to roll out feature updates gradually or automatically with the added option for long-term support channel.

Reporting and insights

Pull insightful reports including 7-day active metrics, OS versions, and crash reports.

Granular controls

Enable single sign-on, identity-free login, and configure printer and Wi-Fi settings.

Scalable, cloud-based management

Manage devices remotely in the Google Admin console, use third-party UEM solutions, or the Chrome Policy API to manage at scale.

Modernize your existing devices with ChromeOS Flex

ChromeOS Flex is a sustainable way to transform your PCs and Macs into ChromeOS devices. It’s easy to deploy across your fleet or simply try it to see what a cloud-first operating system has to offer.

  • When to consider ChromeOS Flex for your business:
    • You want to try modern computing with cloud-based management without a device purchase
    • You’re looking to extend the life of your existing devices by transforming them with a modern OS
    • You have specialized hardware for unique use cases like kiosks, digital signage, and customer self-service

ChromeOS Jump Start

With Jumpstart, Pythian’s team of Google-certified ChromeOS engineers will not only help validate each of your use cases but will also assist with integrating ChromeOS into your current desktop infrastructure.


Pilot/POC Planning

With Jump Start, Pythian’s team of Google-certified ChromeOS engineers will not only help validate each of your use cases, but will also assist with integrating ChromeOS into your current desktop infrastructure.

  • Identify and define the specific use case(s) and requirements for your pilot 
  • Define high-level technical requirements and identify blockers or watchpoints
  • Identify success criteria and project objectives
  • Pilot project scoping and SOW creation

Pilot/POC configuration and testing

Here are a few of the common items we cover with customers in this phase.

Introduce a powerful Identity solution

Pythian will assist with mapping Google Identity accounts directly to Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) or AD and, if appropriate, Pythian’s ChromeOS engineers will assist with the integration of an SSO solution into your ChromeOS environment. 

Integrate your network and network certificates

If you utilize user, server, and/or client certificates allowing users to connect securely to 802.1x wireless, VPN, secure servers, or applications, Pythian can assist with the integration of ChromeOS and your Certificate Authorities, Root CA, or Intermediate CA. 

Ensure consistency with policy configuration

Pythian’s ChromeOS engineers will assist with the policy configuration of each use case to ensure correct user experience and best practises for security, integration, software updates, and more. 

Get trained on admin change management

ChromeOS is easy to manage in an enterprise environment, but still may be a new process for your teams. Our extensive ChromeOS admin training ensures your teams stay on top. 


Tighten it up with testing

Finally, we give your users a chance to test out ChromeOS devices in each use case, while we collect feedback and make any policy tweaks required to tighten up any final items.

Review & full deployment

Make it real with full roll-out.

  • Review the original success criteria and project objectives to ensure completion 
  • Plan and conduct deployment for the full rollout
  • Pythian will continue to provide ongoing support for all Chrome Enterprise Upgrade customers

Our Jump start plans fit your needs

Choose from our standard Jump start plan (5-week timeframe) or Jump start Advanced (6-week timeframe).

ChromeOS Pilot 

  • Setup Chrome Enterprise Upgrade Trial Domain 
  • ChromeOS Admin Panel Training 
  • Device Enrollment & License 
  • Management Session
  • ChromeOS Security Overview 
  • Status Calls 
  • QA Sessions 
  • Guided Print Infrastructure Integration 

Use Cases

  • Front line workers
  • Informational workers
  • Customer self-service
  • Contact Call Centers

Active Directory/SSO Setup

  • Directory Sync 
  • SAML Setup (Jump start Advanced only) 

Network setup

  • Integration with existing Microsoft Certificate Authority (Jump start Advanced only)

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