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Everything you need to know to make a seamless migration to Google Cloud.

Things are changing quickly in the world of hybrid and multi-cloud. From data security and compliance to managing costs, there is a lot any organization needs to keep in mind when planning a migration.

So before you get started on your migration journey, it’s prudent to take a step back. Think through the risks and benefits of a migration, determine how you’ll go beyond just moving your data from one environment to another, and determine what you’ll need from your migration partner to ensure you’re set up for success both during and after the migration.


Migrating to Google Cloud

Always start with the fundamentals

While it may be tempting to jump into your migration, it’s mission-critical to start with the fundamentals to ensure you keep your costs in check, your business goals at the forefront and that you don’t overlook any key aspects during your migration. Start by:

Doing an assessment

Before you get started, you’ll need to assess your current landscape—including legacy products, third-party interfaces and integrations.

Understanding your workloads

Identify the types of workloads that need to be migrated.


Understanding your migration approaches

Lift and shift? Modification? Rip and replace? Each workload will require a different migration approach.


Planning your journey

Plan out your roadmap, including timelines, risks and costs.

Learn more about planning a successful migration to Google Cloud.

Common Google Cloud Migration Scenarios

Once you’ve planned out your migration journey and put in place a solid roadmap, it’ll be time to dive deeper into the workloads you’ll be moving to Google Cloud. Whether it’s SAP or VMs, you’ll need to have a solid understanding of the risks and benefits of each, and how to properly migrate each workload to the cloud.

Migrating SAP to Google Cloud

Many companies are looking to migrate their on-premise SAP workloads to the cloud as part of their digital transformation plans, seeking the benefits of agility, increased uptime and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

See where you should start when moving your SAP workload to Google Cloud.


Migrating Oracle to Google Cloud

Oracle databases are typically large and complex, so if you’re looking to migrate to the cloud, you’ll need to take into consideration everything from architectural changes and database upgrades to consolidation, license portability and migration downtime.

Learn more about migrating your Oracle database to Google Cloud.

Migrating Data Warehouses to Google Cloud 

If you’re dealing with complex data warehouse solutions like Teradata or Netezza —which are likely mission-critical to your business—there’s no such thing as a simple migration. To optimize these workloads in the cloud, you’ll need to restructure your data and processing jobs, which requires an orchestrated approach.

Learn how to uncomplicate data warehouse migrations to Google Cloud.


Migrating VMs to Google Cloud 

If you’re planning to migrate VM workloads from your data center to Google Cloud, or from one cloud to another, it may be considered a relatively straightforward lift and shift. But, like most things cloud-related, migrating virtual machine (VM) workloads can get complicated.

Learn the ins and outs of migrating VMs to Google Cloud.

Migrating open source to Google Cloud SQL

Whether you’re using a PostgreSQL, MySQL or SQL Server relational database, a migration to Google Cloud SQL can take it up a notch—automating management tasks, ensuring business continuity and staying up-to-date with security and compliance requirements.

Learn more about the Google Cloud SQL advantage.


The Ultimate Google Cloud Migration Guide 

Interested in learning more about different migration scenarios for Google Cloud? We’ve got you covered with benefits and real-world success stories in our Google Cloud Migration Handbook.


Don’t Go It Alone

Finding the right partner for a Google Cloud migration is one of the most important steps in your migration journey. And there’s a lot to consider to ensure you’re getting a partner that will help you even after you’ve made your migration.

So, before you make a choice, ask yourself if the partner has:

  • A multi-cloud approach with advice and solutions that don’t involve Google Cloud?
  • A deep understanding of cloud migration, management and optimization stemming from years of experience?

  • Extensive security programs that include data encryption, access control and monitoring?
  • The ability to unlock data insights from advanced analytics solutions?
  • The ability to optimize your investment in cloud moving forward?

How to choose the right Google Cloud Partner for you 

Let’s face it – there are many Google Cloud Partners out there. That’s a good thing, because along with the rise in Google Cloud there’s been an increase in the need for support. And while Google has a high bar for joining the program, the reality is that within the partner ecosystem there are a wide range of proven competencies, focus industries, team sizes and expertise, access to dedicated talent, and varying levels of experience in handling complex regulatory and data environments. And not all of them have roots in professional services. Understanding which one is right for your business involves slowing down to ask the right questions – of ANY partner.

Learn how to find the right partner for your Google Cloud migration in our Guide to Choosing a Google Cloud Partner handbook. This guide will ensure you’re better equipped to qualify the right Google Cloud Partner – for you.

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