Keith Angell: Accelerating Enterprise Growth With Data And Analytics Through Remarkable Leadership

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Jan 11, 2021

In recent years, organizations are employing disruptive technologies that can help them stay ahead in the market while ensuring enhanced customer services in real-time. Out of these technologies, data analytics and cloud practices are gaining more popularity owing to their vast usability. By leveraging data analytics solutions, companies gain actionable insights for making informed decisions. Adopting cloud practices allows streaming and processing of data on a real-time basis, while reducing the data storage expenses.

Pythian helps mid and large-size businesses leverage their data using analytics and cloud technologies, transforming how they run their businesses and serve their customers. Founded in 1997, the company has more than 300 employees located around the world, with 650+ customers in industries such as consumer/retail, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, technology, the public sector, and many more. Pythian is known for its ability to solve the most complex data and analytics challenges in the industry.

A Dynamic Technology Leader

Keith Angell holds 30 years of experience in C-level and board positions at venture capital and private equity-backed technology companies. Prior to becoming Pythian’s CEO, Angell was a Pythian board member where he helped develop the “Value Creation” plan for the company. Besides Pythian, he currently serves on the boards of ManageServe Technologies, an SAP-certified managed services provider; Anexinet Corporation, an IT services provider; and Eze Castle Integration, a managed services and technology solutions provider.

At Pythian, Angell’s focus is on “customers first and employees always”. He is leading the company through the next critical stage of high growth in the enterprise data, analytics, and cloud market.

Angell began his career in a management development program that provided “best-in-class” management techniques. From there, he worked at consulting practices that gave him a true appreciation for myriad enterprise issues that affect several industries. When Angell entered into leading venture capital and private equity-backed high growth technology companies, he was well-prepared to leverage these insights to become a successful and respected CEO. His goal is to pass those skills on to the next generation of leaders.

Fostering Diversity: A Ladder to Success

Angell observed a lack of diversity in many of the companies he has worked with. As a result, he’s made it a priority to build teams that represent a variety of leaders, skill sets, and global perspectives in the companies he has led. This approach ensures opportunities across a broad spectrum of people which benefits more than just the individuals involved – it provides tremendous value to the organizations.

Factors Shaping Leaders of Tomorrow

Angell believes every great leader should possess a passion for continued learning and growth. This is especially important in the world of technology, which is changing more rapidly than ever before. Interpersonally, every leader must learn to listen—to customers, employees, partners, stakeholders, and even the competition. Intellectual curiosity and listening discernment are vital attributes of great leaders.

Equating Customer Needs with Innovations

Pythian is investing in two key areas: first, in its customers and their evolving needs relative to data, analytics, and the cloud; and second, in its people. The company’s technical teams possess a wealth of IT certifications and specializations, which allows them to meet the specific goals of each client by creating and delivering the most innovative solutions. The powerful combination of Pythian’s extensive expertise in data, analytics, and the cloud, combined with a commitment to keep on top of the latest technologies, makes it the perfect partner to help mid and large-size businesses transform to deliver better business outcomes faster in today’s rapidly changing digital economy.

Creating Right Cloud Analytics Solutions 

Angell explains that when companies move data workloads to the cloud, they gain a scalable, flexible, cost-effective environment. The cloud provides a low-cost of entry, so companies can quickly start developing competitive applications at a fraction of the cost of running them in-house. He asserts that Pythian’s extensive expertise in developing winning strategies to implement and manage public, private, and hybrid cloud environments guarantees lower risks, reduced costs, and maximum performance for its enterprise customers.

As a leader in the advanced technology services ecosystem, Pythian has been progressive and strategic by forming strong partnerships with the major cloud vendors Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. In fact, Pythian holds eight Google Cloud Partner Specializations, an achievement that positions the company as a leading global Google Cloud Premier Partner.

Leading the Change in Data Analytics Market

Pythian supports organizations every day that are struggling with unprecedented volumes of data but lack proper data governance, architecture, security, and strategy. These companies need a partner that can help them leverage the value of this data and glean valuable insights through cloud-based analytics. Angell’s vision for Pythian is to enable these organizations to harness the incredible power and value of their data so that the benefits are realized by their employees and customers, as well as on the top and bottom lines of their revenue statements.

Radiating Key Advice to Budding Talents

As a Board Director and CEO mentor, Angell advises business leaders to focus on three things:

1) Customers – meet with customers EVERY day to understand their goals and help them achieve those outcomes.

2) Employees – develop a collaborative, consensus-building leadership style that brings people together and enables them to successfully achieve the company mission.

3) Communications – synthesize information from customers and employees to craft an effective strategy, and then execute with a focus on communications – early and often.

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