Pythian Launches FinOps Managed Services

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Jun 10, 2021

FinOps allows enterprises to optimize total cloud infrastructure costs without sacrificing performance or efficiency

New York – June 10, 2021 – Pythian Services Inc. (“Pythian”), a leading data, analytics and cloud services company, announced today that the company has added cloud financial management, also known as FinOps, to its portfolio of Managed Services offerings. By helping organizations better manage the tradeoffs between cost, performance and availability, Pythian’s FinOps services maximize the business value of an enterprise’s cloud investment while saving an average of 25 percent on monthly cloud costs.

Pythian’s FinOps services provide the visibility, tools and guidance necessary to help enterprises control, manage and optimize cloud costs. These insights into cloud cost, usage and performance metrics are available to a broad set of stakeholders within the enterprise through sophisticated reporting and analytics capabilities. 

Industry analyst Gartner estimates that enterprises are overspending by as much as 70 percent on cloud usage, yet organizations urgently need the ability to control, forecast and optimize cloud costs and usage on the fly.

“Pythian’s FinOps services promote a sustainable culture of financial accountability in terms of cloud investment—a paradigm shift for many organizations,” said Lynda Partner, senior vice president of products and offerings at Pythian. “Pythian’s Dedicated Cloud Advisors are central to FinOps services, providing ongoing guidance to interpret and act upon information made available through advanced reporting and analytics, ultimately enabling our customers to strike a balance between cloud cost and performance.”

Pythian’s FinOps tools and managed services are initially available for users of Google Cloud, and provide the following capabilities:

  • Data Collection: collect and consolidate the massive amounts of data and metrics generated by an enterprise’s cloud deployments
  • Visibility: create reports, charts, and diagrams that show stakeholders all relevant metrics and how they interrelate
  • Interpretation: dashboard tools that enhance users’ ability to understand the metrics and their effects
  • Action: make fast changes that optimize cloud use and costs, without disruption to the organization
  • Governance: automatically monitor and enforce thresholds, budgets and internal guidelines

To learn more about how Pythian’s FinOps services can help organizations reduce cloud costs by an average of 25 percent per month, visit us here.

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