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Are You in the Right Google Workspace Relationship?

When it comes to licensing Google Workspace, one size doesn’t fit all. So how do you know if you’re getting the most out of your licenses? 



When Google made the change from G Suite to Google Workspace, they introduced a new licensing structure. And it’s possible your reseller didn’t fully explain these changes. That’s because many resellers are focused on selling licenses, not providing support or managed services.

But it’s okay to ‘swipe left’ on your Workspace reseller. Just because they sold you your licenses doesn’t mean you can’t switch (or that it’s difficult to switch). In fact, it’s one of the best-kept secrets of Workspace: You can get elevated, dedicated, strategic support from top-tier experts—without paying anything extra.

How to elevate your licensing support

At Pythian, we’ve learned a few lessons over the years from managing half a million Google Workspace licenses. With more than 15 years of experience with Google Apps for Business, G Suite and Google Workspace administrative and engineering support expertise—including the very first Microsoft to Google migration—we’ve learned what matters most to companies. 

Transferring your Workspace licenses to Pythian affords you a balance of support and services that will help you get the most out of your investment with Google. And you can port licenses over to Pythian and gain this extra support at no extra charge. It’s like having a VIP pass to Club Workspace: When you move your Workspace licenses over to Pythian, you get bumped to the front of the line, every time.

Getting more with the right Google Workspace partner

When you partner with a reseller, you should be getting more than just an affordable price for your Google Workspace account. With Pythian, you can choose your level of support, depending on your needs (more advanced features will have an upcharge).

When determining if you’re in the right Workspace relationship, ask yourself if you’re getting:

  • Lightning-quick response times and admin support
  • Personalized education and training, with customized training classes and ‘train-the-trainer’ to give you the knowledge to optimize your adoption of Google Workspace tools
  • Managed administration and check-ins to make sure you’re doing okay
  • A range of cloud solutions and custom cloud development to help your business work smarter with Google
  • Proactive anticipation of Google Workspace roadmap updates to guarantee your organization’s readiness
  • Guidance for leaders, executive sponsors and HR 

How does managed licensing work?

We can even take care of your licensing. With our license management and optimization service, we’ll do a review of your Workspace licenses to optimize your investment. This service is provided annually in three phases, prior to your Workspace license renewal:

Phase 1: Reporting & Analytics

We’ll gather and prepare the reporting and analysis for your organization.

Phase 2: Presentation & Review

We’ll facilitate two sessions that present our findings and recommendations on license quantities.

Phase 3: Bulk Changes

We’ll follow up to go over any questions you have and provide fixes or bulk changes as needed.

The benefits of partnership

At Pythian, we have a team of experts that can offer support and services for your Workspace licenses. If you happen to be purchasing licenses for both Workspace and Microsoft 365—as is the case in some large organizations—we can also help you manage a mixed licensing environment.

While going directly to Google is an option, they have hundreds of thousands of clients under their belt. Instead Pythian, clients can open a support ticket for Google Workspace. And if it happens to be something our team can’t resolve, we can escalate the ticket to tier two Google support—bypassing tier one much faster than they could do themselves.

Partnering with Pythian for Google Workspace license management gives you more than just affordable pricing. Personalized support and training, regular check-ins and lightning-quick response times mean you stay ahead of the curve while leveraging your productivity and collaboration capabilities to the fullest.


Talk to us about our license management and optimization services for Google Workspace!

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