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Datascape Podcast Episode 37 – Recapping Microsoft Ignite 2019 with Warner

If you don’t want to read through a 78-page PDF document but still want to know what went down at Microsoft Ignite 2019, then this episode is for you!

Warner Chaves joins us for our third recap episode of the most comprehensive tech conference of the year. Ignite 2019 saw some major changes being proposed and Warner guides us through them and what their implications are. He begins by covering what he calls the ‘Cold War’ of cloud technology, looking at Azure Arc and unpacking how it fares against competitors like Anthos and AWS. In a hyper-competitive and responsive space such as cloud technology, competitors are never too far behind, so we explore whether Azure’s new features truly set it apart.

After this, we then talk about another hugely exciting development – Azure Synapses. According to Warner, this is one of the most important changes to have come out of Ignite and he unpacks all of the unbelievable developments and new directions Synapses is taking. It’s a game-changer, for sure! We also cover a whole host of other juicy tidbits from Ignite, such as the new auto-scaling function being implemented on Warner’s favorite database, Cosmos DB, some of the new machines, like GPU VMs and what the capabilities of Azure Bastion will be. Ignite was so jam-packed with gems that we even talk about Office 365 and Microsoft Edge changes in the final few minutes of the show! You don’t want to miss today’s episode, so stay tuned!

Key Points From This Episode:

• There are 78 pages worth of changes that have come about from Ignite 2019!
• Microsoft’s hybrid cloud strategy: an overview of Azure Arc and the new ‘pillar’ it is providing
• Anthos vs Arc: is Microsoft chasing Google’s development?
• The ‘Cold War’ of cloud technology – differences between Arc, Anthos, and AWS
• The major advantage of Microsoft’s software is that it is all on-prem and adaptable
• Azure Stack Appliances has changed its name to Azure Stack Hub
• Some other name and feature changes related to Azure Stack Hub
• The implications that the Azure Stack Hub has for remote and disconnected scenarios
• Taking a piece of the cloud with you: small form-factor development and the Rugged Series
• There are many untapped remote uses that Azure Stack can be used for, like wildfires
• Azure Synapse Analytics: the biggest changes, integration, and future growth areas
• How users will access the data in the new data warehouse, Synapse
• The performance difference between Synapse and counterparts BigQuery and Redshift
• Performance enhancement should be looked at from a qualitative vantage point
• An overview of the SQL 2019 changes and why you should run it
• Auto-scaling and one-click storage analytic enabler – advancements of Cosmos DB
• Cosmos DB also has multi-master capabilities
• What both SQLBS serverless and PostgreS hyper-scale mean


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