Everything You Should Know About Gemini for Google Workspace

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Mar 11, 2024

Google Workspace is changing the game with its AI capabilities, helping workers become more productive—especially in areas like marketing, sales, and customer service. Gemini is Google’s AI-powered assistant, built right into Google’s suite of tools. These capabilities can perform a range of functions, from creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations to hosting meetings.

Starting in early February, Google announced that Duet AI is now Gemini for Google Workspace, offering even more powerful AI assistance in Workspace apps. But there are still a lot of questions and confusion out there! So here are your top questions answered.

What is Gemini for Google Workspace?

Gemini for Google Workspace offers a powerful new way of working that embeds the power of Generative AI (GenAI) to help you write, organize, visualize, create apps, and connect across all Workspace apps — all while helping to guarantee that every user and organization has control over their data.

When will Gemini be available?

Duet AI was revealed in March 2023. In early February, Google relaunched Duet AI as Gemini for Google Workspace, which is now generally available for companies of all sizes. The new version includes some updates, such as new multimodal capabilities that can process voice, video, and images.

If you’re already using the Duet AI for Workspace Enterprise add-on, it will automatically upgrade to the Gemini Enterprise add-on. 

How do I enable Gemini in Google Workspace?

Gemini for Google Workspace is now available via two plans: a Gemini Enterprise add-on (which replaces Duet AI for Workspace Enterprise) and a new Gemini Business add-on. The Gemini Business add-on is available at a lower price point, making GenAI more accessible to teams and smaller organizations.

Gemini Enterprise, formerly Duet AI for Workspace Enterprise, includes new offerings such as AI-powered meetings where Gemini can translate captions in 15+ language pairs; soon, it will be able to take meeting notes. It’s priced at $30 per user, per month, but does require an annual commitment.

Gemini Business is ideal for small businesses and teams, giving users access to Gemini in Workspace apps. The Gemini Business add-on costs $20 per user, per month, also with an annual commitment. 

Which languages is Gemini available in?

Currently, it’s only available to English-language users (anywhere that Google Workspace is sold). It will soon be available in other languages.

Which Google applications does Gemini work with?

Gemini works across Google Workspace applications, including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, and Google Meet​​. 

What is Gemini used for?

Gemini is used to enhance productivity across the Google Workspace environment. For example, it assists with writing and refining content in Gmail and Docs, creating presentations in Google Slides, organizing data in Google Sheets, and improving meeting outcomes in Google Meet​​.

 It was designed to be natively multimodal, which means it’s pre-trained from the start on different modalities, helping Gemini ‘understand’ all kinds of inputs. It offers seamless workflow integration with Workspace apps as well as enterprise-grade data protection. 

What is Gemini in Gmail?

In Gmail, Gemini helps users write and refine email content, offering features like ‘Help Me Write’ to generate email responses and documents.

How do I use Gemini? 

To use Gemini, simply tell it what you need — such as writing an email or summarizing notes from a meeting — and it will generate the content. Features like ‘recreate, ‘formalize,’ ‘elaborate,’ ‘shorten,’ and ‘I’m feeling lucky’ allow you to fine-tune generated content, while intelligent chips allow for modification of critical information like product names​​.

For Google Workspace admins, it’s possible to set up AI classification of sensitive data in Gemini Enterprise (as a beta feature).

How can I get started?

Pythian’s Gemini QuickStart for Google Workspace is a four-week, fixed-fee offering for teams starting at 25 participants. Our experts will help you tailor Gemini to real use cases for your organization. We’ll also help you build a business case with quantifiable data to extend Gemini beyond the prototype phase.

 If you’re looking to unlock the possibilities of Gemini, partnering with Pythian is a great place to start. Email us at info@pythian.com for more information.

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