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Google Workspace Work Better. Work Together.

Get your team to work smarter, faster and together in real-time with flexible, interactive and intelligent Google Workspace tools. Make the switch to an enterprise level Google Workspace Partner and Reseller to get personalized education and training for your users, best-in-class support, and a blast of benefits that will set you on the path to success. Best of all, when you choose Pythian as your Google Workspace reseller, you’ll also get access to a range of cloud solutions and custom cloud product development.

Ready to make the switch?


Do more with Google Workspace.

Google Workspace is packed with amazing features and tools that can make your teams more productive and collaborative. When you use Pythian as your Google Workspace reseller, you’ll be able to tap into everything it has to offer all while staying compliant with your organization’s security protocols.


With customizable domains, Google-powered email searches, intuitive spam filters and much more, Gmail offers sophistication and simplicity, all in one email system.

Google Docs

Collaborating in real-time has never been easier than with Google Docs, Sheets or Slides. Security settings make it easy to keep unwanted collaborators out, while intuitive and simple-to-use documents make it easy to get feedback from team members in real-time.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the smart way for your team to manage their calendars. Easy-to-use and packed with features to help them be more productive, Google Calendar will help your team stay on top of their day-to-day.

All your Google Workspace tools, under one roof 

With Pythian by your side, your teams will be able to work faster, smarter and more securely. As an official Google workspace partner we can launch the full suite of Google enterprise products while providing expert training and support for all of your organization’s users.


Reach your colleagues anywhere, anytime.


Everything you need to create and do your best work.

  • Docs
  • Sheets
  • Slides
  • Forms
  • Sites
  • Jamboard
  • Keep


Store and manage files with your Google Account. 

  • Drive
  • Cloud Search


Easily and securely manage users, devices, and data.

  • Vault
  • Admin Console
  • Mobile Device Management

Blast off with Google Workspace

When you select Pythian as your Google Workspace partner, you will gain access to a Blast of Benefits that can set you on a path to success—all for free.

  • Preliminary security health check
  • Matching funds bank that can be used for any new professional services or managed services engagement
  • Free sandbox domains (up to 5 test/demo domains)
  • Automated license threshold notifications, with custom thresholds set by the customer at the SKU level
  • A monthly newsletter offering tips and tricks for end users and administrators

Plus, you’ll be backed by our best-in-class technical support team that has a 100% Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score!

Even more reasons to make Pythian your Google Workspace partner

When you order your Google Workspace licenses from Pythian, you get the same pricing and support you’d get from Google, along with much more.

Your Google Workspace partner for better support

Tailored help guides you through

Manage your change, ensure adoption and leverage the capabilities of Google Workspace.

Ongoing advice keeps you on top

Accelerate and streamline onboarding and ensure long-term success by working with a Google Workspace provider.


User management and planning

Regular check-ins keep you current

As your Google Workspace partner we regularly check-in to share best practices  for security compliance and recommend tips to enhance your team’s user experience.

Planning keeps you ahead

Stay ahead of the curve with visibility into the Google Workspace roadmap and upcoming feature releases.

There’s Google Workspace, then there’s Google Workspace with Pythian

While Google Workspace can help overcome the challenges that new hybrid work environments pose, getting the most out of your Google Workspace environment often requires a Google Workspace partner by your side. From security and compliance to managing change at work, a true Google Workspace partner can take your experience from meh to marvelous.

Learn more about why you may need a new Google Workspace partner.

See what a Google Workspace partner can do for you

From initial consultation through migration testing to implementation, Pythian is here for you on your Google Workspace journey.


Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) makes major splash for Goldfish Swim School Franchising 

Goldfish’s rapid growth created inefficiencies that impacted their ability to streamline business processes. Our experience with data migration into Google Workspace made the transition seamless and provided a cost-effective solution.

Power up Google Workspace with Pythian services

Looking to make Google Workspace even better? From user management and change management support, to full security reviews, working with the right Google Workspace partner can help you do even more with Google Workspace.

Ready to work smarter and faster with Google Workspace?