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Gathering GoldenGate deployment status

The objective of this post is to demonstrate how to gather existing GoldenGate deployment status. The rationale is to gather all the pertinent information for GoldeGate deployment using RAC in order to relocate the GoldenGate trail from DBFS to ACFS file system. Although the deployment gathering can be performed manually, I have chosen to script as much of the process as possible since this will be performed for multiple environments versus just one. Implementation created is also reusable for troubleshooting; hence, the work is not in vain. WARNING: gi.env is used to dynamically source ASM instance provided the following requirements are met: Last character from short host name must match ASM instance number. Acceptable: racnode-dc1-1/+ASM1 and racnode-dc1-2/+ASM2 UNAcceptable: host05/+ASM1 and host06/+ASM1 I chose to create gi.env so that the script can be deployed in any environment with the least possible change as long as the requirements above are met. $ cat gi.env

 set +x
 h=$(hostname -s)
 . oraenv <<< +ASM${h:$

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