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Top talks to watch for at Google Next London

On October 10 & 11, 2018, Google Next London will be running in full force. Pythian will be attending with a booth and many of our top executives and technical leaders ready to discuss our cloud strategies and offerings. This blog post is an overview of the talks I'm most excited about for data-minded people -that's DBAs, developers and anyone who thinks (like I do) that data is the new electricity running our world. 1 - How Geotab drives smarty city innovation, using BigQuery GIS BigQuery GIS is currently in Beta, but I'm really looking forward to a deep dive to understand how this compares to a traditional spatial database's functionality. 2 - Migrating on-premises Hadoop infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform Migrating Hadoop to a cloud infrastructure is something Pythian has done many times, but I'm interested in Google's take on this. Especially since I assume they'll be showing a "pure" GCP migration without any third-party software to help with migrating the data or running the jobs. 3 - Driving social and environmental impact with big data solutions As cool as technology is, it rarely makes me feel good about how I'm impacting the planet and people around me. Whenever I get the chance, I always like to see what other people are doing so I can steal a few of their good deeds for myself. 4 - Supercharge your marketing data Pythian's data ingestion platform, Kick AaaS, is probably strongest in the marketing field with a large library of pre-built transformations. I'm interested in seeing what other products have been created using GCP tools in that space. 5 - The Ocado smart platform: how Ocado leveraged AI on Google Cloud to transform their retail platform Ocado delivers my groceries, and AI is my jam. So I'm looking forward to seeing how they use my data to make recommendations. 6 - Going beyond the traditional enterprise data warehouse with BigQuery I think one of BigQuery's strengths is the fact that it's a NoSQL database under the covers. This allows it to store data in unique ways that we just can't do in a traditional data warehouse. While BigQuery is very popular, I also believe it's truly still in its infancy. Can't wait to see what Google thinks is next for this product. 7 - Driving data processing innovation with Open Source I have a background in SQL Server and Windows, so the open source community is still a mystery to me. Mostly, I wonder how they come up with the names of their applications, but I'm also very interested in new tools that will make my day to day better and make solutions cleaner.

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