How to optimize your Google Cloud consumption with self-managed tools from Pythian

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Oct 13, 2022

Migrating workloads to the cloud allows for scalability, elasticity and agility that can help businesses push out new products, streamline supply chain costs and even reach new markets. But the shift from a fixed price to a variable utility-style usage model makes it hard to predict, analyze and contain costs, especially with the growing complexity of multi-cloud environments. 

Without the ability to control, forecast and optimize cloud costs and usage, businesses may not see the cost efficiencies they expect, especially if they’re using multiple clouds. Indeed, costs could increase, thanks to ad hoc purchases of cloud services across lines of business, overprovisioned resources and/or complex billing and utilization data.

And, lack of integration and visibility across multi-cloud environments could result in overspending by more than 70 percent—and missing out on the ability to leverage next-generation technologies in the cloud, like advanced analytics.

Self-managed FinOps for better control and predictability

FinOps is a financial management discipline and cultural practice that helps organizations gain control and predictability over their cloud costs. With a Google Cloud billing commitment to Pythian, you’ll receive a free self-managed version of our FinOps service for Google Cloud—along with a host of other free perks as part of our Blast of Benefits.

Pythian’s FinOps service enables you to manage and optimize cloud usage and costs across your entire organization with powerful, user-friendly tools that provide:

  • Visibility, analysis and forecasting of Google Cloud costs and usage
  • Recommendations for cost optimization
  • Recommendations for reservations and commitments
  • Anomaly detection

You’ll also receive a 15 percent discount on upgrades to higher service tiers including continuous security and compliance assessments, as well as advanced orchestration and automation capabilities.

Fully managed FinOps for multi-cloud

While you’ll gain access to our industry-leading FinOps tools for free, you may not be interested in managing it all in-house. Pythian also offers a fully managed multi-cloud cost optimization and management service that uses a powerful combination of advanced data analytics, machine learning tools and deep human technical and business expertise.

These tools offer immediate—and often substantial—cost savings by identifying, interpreting and enacting cloud savings opportunities and architectural efficiencies that maximize the business value of your cloud spend.

In addition to managing your Google Cloud environment, we can also manage your Microsoft Azure and/or AWS environments. If you’re a multi-cloud organization, this offers a unified view into what you’re spending, how you’re spending it, and how to optimize it.

As part of our Blast of Benefits, we’ll provide an assessment of your Azure and AWS footprints, with a 15 percent discount on our FinOps services for other clouds. With a unified approach to cost optimization, you can recognize average monthly cloud cost savings as high as 20 to 35 percent with more predictable bills that remove unnecessary complexity.

Why get a blast of benefits with Pythian?

As a Google Cloud and Specialization Partner, Pythian provides end-to-end consulting services for all Google Cloud solutions, with 25+ years of experience in infrastructure, analytics and DevSecOps. When you opt for a higher service tier, you’ll also gain a dedicated cloud advisor as your single point of contact, ensuring continuity of care.

If you’re looking to get set up for success with Google Cloud, we can help with our Blast of Benefits, including self-managed FinOps. And, when you’re ready, we can help you find innovative solutions to meet your business goals.

Learn more about how Pythian can maximize the value of your cloud spend with our Blast of Benefits or get started by booking time with a Google Cloud expert.

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