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Switching to a new Google Cloud partner?

Google wants to ensure that its customers are successful in the cloud. To do that, partners play a vital role, particularly in areas that require skilled expertise such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, Kubernetes and other emerging tech.

That’s why Google has an expansive global ecosystem of partners with various degrees of certification, expertise in products or industries and specialization across solution areas. So if you’re looking for a new cloud partner, you have plenty of options.

When looking for a new cloud partner, here are some questions to consider:

  • Are you looking for a reseller who sells licenses or are you looking for a true partner who will help you get far more value from your Google Cloud environment?
  • Do you need a partner who understands the multi-cloud environment and can support all of your needs, from Google Cloud to AWS, Azure, OCI and/or open-source environments?
  • Are you looking for a partner that will collaborate with your team, offer robust professional service capabilities and support post-migration as part of an active partnership?

Pythian has the capabilities of a global systems integrator but the flexibility of a boutique consultancy, which puts us in a unique position in the Google ecosystem. And whether you’re just starting out with Google Cloud, or have been on it for years, we can set you up for success with our Blast of Benefits—at no extra cost—and, when you’re ready, we can help you find innovative solutions to meet your business goals.

If you’re already using Google Cloud, you’ll gain access to our free Blast of Benefits when you switch your billing commitment to Pythian, plus you’ll gain a partner that offers best-in-breed support, a wealth of expertise across multi-cloud scenarios and a depth of experience across different industries.

If you’re making the switch, here’s how Pythian can help:

Get set up for success with free onboarding support

If you’re already using Google Cloud, we’ll perform a systems check when you switch to Pythian to ensure everything is set up properly—so you’re taking full advantage of everything Google Cloud has to offer. This will include support in migrating your billing, and flagging any issues with: 

    • Billing
    • Cloud identity and organization 
    • Users and groups 
    • Administrative access 
    • Resource hierarchy 
    • Access 
    • Networking 
    • Monitoring and logging 
    • Security

Optimize your cloud spend with world-class tools

Whether you’re just starting to use Google Cloud, have been on it for years or have a multi-cloud environment, FinOps can help you gain deeper insights into your cloud environment. FinOps is a financial management discipline and cultural practice that helps organizations gain control and predictability over their cloud costs. With a Google Cloud billing commitment to Pythian, you’ll receive our self-managed FinOps, which allows you to realize cost savings, maximize your cloud investment and get a unified view into your cloud environment. You’ll also get a 15 percent discount on upgrades to higher service tiers for greater customization, security and compliance. Plus, you can choose to optimize all your cloud platforms with our fully managed FinOps offering.

Access matching funds for next-gen technologies

Whether you’re billing month-to-month or have a long-term commitment to Pythian, you’ll be able to access a matching funds bank of up to 2 percent. So you’ll be able to lay a foundation for next-generation technologies, including IoT, advanced analytics and machine learning, and get more out of your cloud environment.

Get more than just a blast of benefits when you go with Pythian

While Pythian has a strong partnership with Google, we are vendor – and cloud-agnostic, with multi-cloud competencies across Google Cloud, AWS and Azure to ensure we can also help you bridge clouds as part of a multi-cloud strategy. And we’re experts in Oracle, SAP, SQL Server, open source databases and Google Cloud databases, including BigQuery, Cloud SQL, Cloud Spanner and Bare Metal Solutions.

Our Blast of Benefits is available to any customer out of the gate, even without a long-term commitment. You’ll get an operationally sound, cost-effective and governable foundation upon which to deploy transformative data and analytics services with confidence. So you’re set up for success no matter where you’re at in your cloud—or multi-cloud—journey.

Ready to get started? Book time with a Google Cloud expert at Pythian today.

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