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Pythian partners with the PostgreSQL Community

PostgreSQL, is built on the backbone of its supportive community. Pythian’s team of database experts support and want to continue to grow our contribution to the PostgreSQL community. One of the ways our database experts are contributing is through speaking engagements at Postgres Conferences.

PGConf. NY 2022

PGConf NYC is a non–profit, community–run conference series in the United States. The conference is focused on business users, database professionals, and developers of PostgreSQL – the world’s most advanced open source database.

This year, Pythian’s database experts will be conducting three (3) Postgres sessions; two talks at PGConf. NY 2022 (New York City, NY), and one talk at PGConf EU 2022 (Berlin, Germany). 

Pythian’s Database Experts provide PostgreSQL thought leadership talks at PGConf. NY 2022

Sharing Our Success Stories for PostgreSQL

As a database service provider, Pythian has gained an immense amount of database experience when it comes to leveraging the capabilities of PostgreSQL. 

Working with customers – migrating from other database engines to PostgreSQL, has taught us that technical challenges are best solved when your approach is narrowed in on addressing the unique problem at hand. There is no one size fits all method, but there are similar use cases we’ve seen when it comes to leveraging the power of PostgreSQL. 

At PGConf. NY 2022, Pythian Consultant, Nelson Calero will highlight three (3) cases where the technical approach and code were designed to address specific challenges. We will discuss aspects of the code to demonstrate why these solutions were successful.

Evaluating Google AlloyDB for PostgreSQL

In May of 2022, Google released the public preview of their long awaited and proprietary version of PostgreSQL called AlloyDB. This Google Cloud (GCP) service differs from the core PostgreSQL (and from their own Cloud SQL PostgreSQL) with some Google unique features and performance optimizations. Yet, AlloyDB remains 100% PostgreSQL compatible. As a cloud-only offering, AlloyDB is, in some ways, a competitor to Amazon’s Aurora.

This session is an introduction to this new cloud service, AlloyDB for PostgreSQL. It covers some of the Google Cloud differentiators, provisioning and deployment uniqueness, and key capabilities that DBAs will find useful. Including core advantages, tips from experience, and implementation lessons learned from Pythian’s experience.

PGConf. EU 2022

Evaluating backup tools for PostgreSQL

At conferences, the focus is always on innovative solutions. We forget to talk about the core tools that keep our databases functioning. This October, Matt Pearson – Pythian’s Database Consultant will be evaluating the best backup tools for PostgreSQL. 

Learn more about Matt Pearson’s talk ->

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