How FinOps can optimize cloud consumption

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Sep 19, 2022

While the cloud has helped businesses reach new markets, push out new products and streamline supply chain costs, those businesses also need the ability to control, forecast and optimize cloud cost and usage.

Without integration and visibility across their cloud environment, they may be overspending—and missing out on the ability to leverage next-generation technologies, like advanced analytics. Whether you’re thinking about migrating to Google Cloud or you’re already there, Pythian’s Blast of Benefits can set you up for success, no matter where you’re at in your cloud – or multi-cloud – journey.

Self-managed FinOps for Google Cloud

With a Google Cloud billing commitment to Pythian, you’ll receive free access to our self-managed FinOps for Google Cloud, with no upfront commitment required. This self-managed tier of our FinOps service allows you to optimize your cloud consumption with industry-leading, user-friendly tools that provide:

  • Visibility, analysis and forecasting of Google Cloud costs and usage
  • Recommendations for cost optimization
  • Recommendations for reservations and commitments
  • Anomaly detection

In addition, you’ll receive a 15 percent discount on upgrades to higher service tiers for greater customization, security, compliance, guidance and support. Pythian will also provide an assessment of your AWS, Azure and OCI footprints, with a 15 percent discount on our FinOps services for other clouds. 

Managed FinOps

While self-managed FinOps for Google Cloud is free when you switch your billing commitment, Pythian also offers a fully managed multi-cloud cost optimization and management service that uses a powerful combination of advanced data analytics, AI/ML tools and deep human technical and business expertise. 

These tools offer immediate—and often substantial—cost savings by identifying, interpreting and enacting saving opportunities and architectural efficiencies that maximize the business value of your cloud spend. Along with the benefit of consistent, predictable billing, you can also generate cloud cost savings as high as 20 to 35 percent.

We’ll run a deep cost and performance analysis on your current architecture to identify which services provide value and what needs improving. This can help you lower OpEx through predictable consumption and drill down into daily or monthly spend to identify problem areas and improve cloud spend forecasting. 

And, in addition to managing your Google Cloud environment, Pythian can also manage your AWS, Azure and/or OCI environments. This offers a unified view across all your clouds so you’ll understand what you’re spending, how you’re spending it, and how to optimize it.

Why Pythian for FinOps

As a premier Google Cloud Partner with multiple Specializations, we combine our expertise in infrastructure, analytics and DevSecOps with Google Cloud’s leading products to help you achieve your cloud vision, tailored to fit your industry and key workloads.

Our Blast of Benefits provides the necessary tools to confidently manage your cloud infrastructure costs without sacrificing performance or efficiency. You can analyze cloud usage, ensure adherence to budgets and discover opportunities to optimize your cloud spend—whether you want to do it on your own or have it managed for you.

Contact us to learn how Pythian can maximize the value of your cloud spend with our Blast of Benefits or our FinOps Cost Management & Optimization services. Book time with a Google Cloud expert today to get started.

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