Top Questions About Google Cloud and Pythian Support

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Jun 10, 2024
Top Questions About Google Cloud and Pythian Support

Google recently changed its customer support model for Google Cloud, which means all Google Cloud customers are now required to buy a support package to gain access to open tickets—including customers buying support through a partner. In response, Pythian has created a new tiered support model to address the needs of different customers.

We answer your top questions about Pythian support for Google Cloud under the new customer support model.

What are the different types of Pythian support for Google Cloud? 

Our new support model includes five tiers, ranging from basic support to fully managed services.

Our Basic support is recommended for non-production workloads, such as sandbox and development environments. While Google Premium support isn’t included in this tier, you’ll receive Pythian-provided support free of charge.

With our Premium support tier for mission-critical workloads, you’ll receive both Pythian-provided and Google Premium support, as well as the ability to enable support at a sub-account level.

And with our Premium+ support, you’ll also get Pythian-provided and Google Premium support, plus you’ll also benefit from our Technical Account Manager service and support for one planned event.

What is Pythian’s Technical Account Manager service?

With this service, you’ll get a dedicated Technical Account Manager who can help you get started with Premium+ Support. But the service offers much more: Your Technical Account Manager can also help with proactive monitoring, guidance on case escalation, recommendations on training paths, and roadmap reviews to help you get the most out of Google Cloud.

What’s the difference between Google Cloud support and partner support?

To make it easy to switch over from Google’s new support model, our pricing structure is in the same format: a fixed base fee, plus a variable fee at a percentage of monthly charges. But we charge the variable fee only on your selected workloads, while Google charges the variable fee based on all workloads. Plus, our Basic tier with free support is an offering not available directly from Google.

Are there managed services support tiers available for Google Cloud?

We have two managed services support tiers: Pythian Gold, for enterprises with critical workloads, and Pythian Platinum, for enterprises that want to optimize their environment with continuous transformation.

Along with unlimited 24x7 Pythian-provided and Google Premium support, Pythian Gold comes with our Technical Account Manager service, support for two planned events, and access to Pythian’s Mission-Critical Services via our ITIL-based Operational Excellence Service.

Our highest tier is Pythian Platinum, which comes with everything you’ll find in Pythian Gold, along with support for four planned events and ‘enhancement’ support, including 60 hours of continuous transformation engagements from our top cloud experts.

What is planned event support?

This service provides support for your team during a planned event, such as assisting with resource capacity planning, running disaster tests, and reviewing outcomes. It’s available to Premium+, Gold, and Platinum customers.

What is Pythian’s Mission-Critical Services?

Our Mission-Critical Services drive continuous improvement of your environment through proactive and preventative engagement via our ITIL-based Operational Excellence Service. These services include drills, testing, and training, customer-centric incident reporting, proactive monitoring, and impact prevention follow-ups—among many others. It’s available exclusively to our Gold and Platinum customers.

How does pricing work for Google Cloud support?

Like Google, we charge a fixed base fee plus a variable fee at a percentage of monthly charges—but we charge the variable fee only on your selected workloads. Our flexible pricing options across support tiers can be adapted to suit varying workload types, based on criticality. For example, we can enable different tiers of service for different workloads at the sub-account level, giving you greater value and more control.

Is Google Cloud support 24/7?

All support tiers (except Basic) and managed services come with 24x7 support.

How do I know which Google Cloud support level I need?

Our service tiers include a similar level of inclusions, but they also include value-added services within the same pricing block, such as a dedicated Technical Account Manager, support for planned events, and access to our ITIL-based Operational Excellence Service for mission-critical operations.

Not sure which level works for you? Speak with a Pythian rep to find out how we can help you unlock more value-add from your Google Cloud support services. Contact us

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