Unlocking the Benefits of Multi-Cloud Strategies with Oracle and Google Cloud

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Jun 17, 2024
Unlocking the Benefits of Multi-Cloud Strategies with Oracle and Google Cloud

On June 12, Oracle and Google Cloud announced a groundbreaking multicloud partnership that allows customers to use Oracle database and applications alongside Google Cloud’s innovative platform and AI capabilities. This partnership introduces Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) database services and high-speed network interconnectivity with Google Cloud, simplifying cloud migration, multicloud deployment, and overall management.

What does this partnership mean for cloud and data management? 

This is a huge announcement. This partnership provides customers with the flexibility to tap into the strengths of both Oracle and Google Cloud without the typical complexities and costs associated with multi-cloud environments. By offering low-latency and high-throughput private connections between OCI and Google Cloud, customers can have the best of both worlds: seamless interoperability and optimal performance.

Customers can benefit from a simplified migration process, enabling faster and more efficient transitions to cloud-based environments. The collaboration also enhances business agility, allowing enterprises to scale and adapt quickly to market demands. Additionally, the integration of Google’s advanced AI and machine learning capabilities with Oracle’s robust database technologies enables businesses to unlock new opportunities, optimize operations, and gain deeper insights from their data.

We’re excited about all the ways this massive partnership will augment cloud strategies for enterprises across various industries. From financial services to retail to manufacturing, customers can now adopt a more integrated, cost-effective, and agile approach to their cloud services. 


It might be early days, but it’s clear that this new partnership between Oracle and Google Cloud is a transformative step toward streamlined cloud and data management. Organizations can now use multiple clouds, removing major obstacles to migrating and modernizing database workloads. High-speed network interconnectivity and the elimination of cross-cloud data transfer charges enhance performance, reliability, and cost efficiency in cloud operations.

Our team is prepared to maximize the potential of both the Oracle and Google Cloud platforms. With extensive expertise in both Oracle/OCI and Google Cloud, our tailored solutions streamline cloud migration, improve operational efficiency, and help drive innovation. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner with extensive experience with Oracle solutions, we help our customers transform and modernize.

Next up in this blog series on the Oracle-Google Cloud announcement, we’ll share some key insights and perspectives from episode 78 of the Datascape podcast. Warner Chaves and some of Pythian’s Oracle ACEs—Aishwarya Kala, Nelson Calero, and Simon Pane—discussed the ‘so what?’ about the partnership and what it means for customers.

Stay tuned!

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