What can your Google Workspace reseller do for you?

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Dec 12, 2022

Few organizations deal directly with Google—unless they’re very large. Instead, Google invests in a partner network to provide Google Workspace licensing, augmented support and services to the vast majority of its customers.

There are different tiers of partners, starting with those who focus on just reselling licenses, to partners who resell and layer on support, to partners who resell, layer on support and provide services limited to Google. Then there are strategic partners who resell licenses, layer on support and provide services for most of an organization’s IT needs. Pythian is a partner that falls into the latter category.

But there’s a big difference between a reseller that sells licenses without any additional support and a true partner who will help you get more value out of your Google Workspace environment. If you’re not getting the proactive support you need, it may be time to re-evaluate whether your current reseller is truly a partner to your organization.

You may want to consider transferring your Google Workspace license to another reseller if any of these scenarios sound familiar:

  • My Google Workspace reseller isn’t particularly responsive or attentive.
  • I’m not familiar with the different types of support I can get for Google Workspace.
  • I don’t have dedicated Google Workspace expertise internally, but we’re adding users.
  • I’m not sure how solid we are on compliance and data security.

While resellers sell licenses, partners provide services and augmented support. Google invests in its partner ecosystem to help support successful customer outcomes, particularly in areas that require skilled expertise such as data analytics, machine learning and multi-cloud.

While individuals can get certified in various aspects of Google Workspace, a Google partner with a Specialization is vetted by a third-party assessor and has both an established Google Cloud services practice and proven customer success. A Google partner with Expertise has demonstrated proficiency and customer success in a specific industry, solution or product.

Of course, you also want to transfer Google Workspace to a reseller that manages enough seats by Google to be afforded access to higher-tier support. At the same time, you want a partner who can help you maximize your investment in Google Workspace. For example, if you transfer your Google Workspace licenses over to Pythian, you’ll also gain extra support at no extra charge—and we’ll help you optimize your licensing

The right partner can help you get more out of Google Workspace, whether you’re looking to beef up security and compliance or stay on top of the latest Google features and functionality. And if you’re looking for someone to manage all of this for you, there are partners for that, too. A Google Workspace partner can help you:

  • Simplify complexity, such as managing licenses, endpoints and storage, so you have time to focus on the business instead of administrative tasks.
  • Find and mitigate gaps in security, to help you stay on top of the latest security threats and ensure compliance.
  • Manage change, to boost user adoption of new tools and processes through structured change management processes.
  • Manage new releases and updates, helping your organization take advantage of new updates to Google Workspace.
  • Get insights from analytics, so you can understand adoption and usage of your Google Workspace deployment.
  • Get the support you need, so you can align Google Workspace with your business goals and go deeper on security, compliance and best practices.

As a Google partner with multiple Specializations, Pythian views Google Workspace as an investment in work transformation toward more collaboration, improved productivity and better security. When you select Pythian as your Google Workspace partner, you’ll automatically receive best-in-class support. Plus, you’ll receive a Blast of Benefits that can set you on a path to success—all for free—including a preliminary security check and access to a matching funds bank for professional or managed services.

Does your Google Workspace reseller really know who you are? And are they aligned with your business goals? If not, then it may be time to transfer your Google Workspace licenses to a true partner—not a reseller pretending to offer more than they do.Download our eBook to learn more about getting the most out of Google Workspace with the right partner.

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