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Why Having the Right Support Matters for Google Workspace

At the start of the pandemic, most companies were focused on staying afloat as they looked for remote collaboration solutions to support their workforce—or to ramp up solutions they already had in place. At the time, it was about transitioning from mostly in-person business to fully remote, while minimizing the impact on the company’s product or service delivery.  



Now, as workers head back to the office or embrace hybrid working models, the focus has shifted again to getting more value out of tools that were rapidly deployed over the past two years.

Google Workspace and embracing a cloud-first strategy helped many companies adjust to the new realities of the pandemic—and now to the new realities of hybrid workforces. But getting the most out of those tools requires education, training and support—perhaps even change management processes for new employees or release management to help stay on top of new Google Workspace updates.

Even companies that already use Google Workspace can get more out of those tools with the right partner—from onboarding new employees to managing change through a merger or acquisition.


Collaboration and support keeps one customer coming back for more

Thoughtworks, a technology consultancy, has benefitted from Pythian’s expertise—as its premier Google Cloud Partner, Managed Service Provider and Specialization Partner—throughout the pandemic and during two acquisitions.

The consultancy has more than 8,000 employees in 17 countries across a range of industries, including automotive, retail, healthcare, hospitality and financial services. It’s been using Google Workspace tools for more than a decade, so employees already had an established foundation for collaboration at the start of the pandemic.

But usage of those tools grew substantially during that time, with the number of Google Chat rooms growing from 1,000 to 10,000 in a single month. And while the consultancy started out 10 years ago with Gmail and Google Calendar, it now uses the entire Google Workspace product set—including Google Docs, Sheets, Groups, Chat and Sites—with more than 9,000 end-user licenses.

During the acquisition of two European businesses in 2021, Pythian helped Thoughtworks onboard 250 new employees into Google Workspace—all in a matter of weeks. Pythian support includes accelerated and streamlined onboarding to ensure long-term success, as well as tailored help to guide companies through managing change through Prosci- and Google-certified change management solutions. And it’s this ongoing support that keeps Thoughtworks working with Pythian, even after its acquisitions.

With a supported Google Workspace model, new employees can be onboarded with ease and staff can work from anywhere—with familiar tools and minimal training. For example, Pythian’s ‘train-the-trainer’ model provides companies with the knowledge to optimize their adoption of Google Workspace tools.


Pythian’s best-in-class support model

When you partner with Pythian, you’ll have a single point of contact with a dedicated account manager—so you’re only a phone call away from getting answers to all your questions. Plus, our best-in-class support team can help you whenever you need it and can connect directly with Google for any support issues we can’t resolve. Pythian offers varying levels of support packages to help companies tailor support to their specific needs.

Basic support: This includes support to quickly resolve critical issues, including non-emergency Google Workspace support during Pythian business hours; 7×24 Google Workspace Priority 1 emergency support; and creating and managing tickets in Google’s support portal.

Standard Support: This includes all support services in the Basic Support package, as well as advanced expertise in ticket engineering review; assistance with support information gathering with domain administrators; and support for third-party Google-related software products purchased through Pythian.

Enhanced Support: This includes all support services in Basic and Standard, as well as access to immediate support for non-emergency items during business hours; gathering necessary support information and executing a quick resolution; and direct communication with the end-user after a ticket is opened.

Pythian can help companies get the most out of Google Workspace with our Managed Google Workspace Administration service, providing best practices, support, training and much more.


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