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The 5 Worst Things About Working at Pythian

Have you ever seen an employee post negatively about their company using his or her real name? If not, then you are about to for the first time — you can count that as number 1 out of the 5 worst things about working at Pythian. There are several great reasons to work at Pythian, but if I write about those things, many would brush it aside as unctuous. I think people want to know the dirt, and I’m here to tell you about it. Let’s look at the remaining 4 worst things about working at Pythian:

2. Like many other companies, Pythian encourages and pays for its employees to attend and present at technical conferences. But how many companies spoil their employees by allowing them to enjoy them at the same time?  For instance, during conferences Pythian provides quality opportunities to socialize and network.

3. If you work at Pythian, then you are very good at what you do, which means you are in big trouble. Why? Pythian will make sure you remain with them even if you switch continents. Here I am—still with Pythian— even after moving from Asia to Australia.

4. When was the last time your boss told you to take a vacation? Not only do my bosses at Pythian insist I take time off, they help me plan my holiday. In a previous job, I worked five straight years without a break — not even statuatory holidays let alone a vacation, and nobody noticed. I admit, I’m a terrible workaholic and I brought that habit with me to Pythian. Now I have my boss and my family chalking out the days I should take off.

5. This last one is the worst… I call it Pythian’s zero-gravity culture. There is nothing at Pythian that pulls you down, and nothing that holds you back. Nothing prevents you from being innovative, making changes, and suggesting improvements. You are free to let your inner force propel you.

Some may argue that none of these points are actually negative. Rather, to some they are a dream come true. However, I consider them problematic because now there is no way I could work anywhere else. I could look for something better, or at least similar, but the truth is that there is no place like Pythian.

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