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Apr 23, 2021

Welcome to our round up of everything new and exciting going on at Pythian! This blog post series highlights what #PythianLife is all about, from how we’re keeping our culture alive remotely to exciting new projects we’ve been working on, positions we’re hiring for and much more. Keep reading for the inside scoop on what we’ve been up to over the last quarter. 


We’re a team of over 300 working across five different continents! To stay connected, we frequently organize events that bring everyone together. 

Health and Wellness

The pandemic has impacted everyone, and focusing on our health and wellness is more important than ever. April is Stress Awareness Month so we asked our team members to share their favorite ways to beat stress. Here are our top five recommendations:

  • Getting outside
  • Exercising and practicing mindfulness
  • Spending time with friends and family
  • Listening to music 
  • Spending time with our pets

The pets of Pythian.

Celebrating the Women of Pythian

Recently, we celebrated International Women’s Day—a day to commemorate the cultural, political and socioeconomic achievements of women.


To recognize the occasion, we held a virtual panel discussion internally focusing on the topic “Building Inclusivity and Being Better Allies.” Key takeaways we learned from our panelists were:

  1. It’s OK to show your vulnerability; these are tough times we’re living in so be kind to yourself.
  2. To be an ally means supporting each other and showing empathy. To become better allies we need to focus on increasing our awareness and learn the struggles of underrepresented groups and how we can offer support. 
  3. Attending panel discussions, events and joining groups are great ways to learn more about inclusion and allyship as well as for networking. Here are a few recommendations from our women’s employee network:
    1. Driving Change: Google Women in Tech 
    2. Women in Tech Slack Group 
    3. Black Minds Matter: Tactics for Thriving 
    4. She + Geeks Out Slack Group 

Pythian Postcards

One thing that makes the Pythian team really special is having employees from all around the world. We get to connect and collaborate with people from very diverse backgrounds and experiences. Since the start of the pandemic, there’s been a rising trend in our Slack channel of team members posting the view outside their window. We’ve seen ocean views, winter storms, palm trees, beautiful sunsets and wildlife in backyards! Seeing these photos made us want to learn more about our colleagues—what country are they based in, what the local food is like and what they do for fun. This led us to creating a new blog post series called Pythian Postcards. Check out some of the recent posts by our team members and the countries we’ve featured:

Our Teams in Action

Our purpose is to excel at helping businesses transform to compete and win in this ever-changing environment by using data, analytics and cloud to deliver advanced on-prem, hybrid, cloud and multi-cloud solutions to solve the toughest data challenges faster and better than anyone else. This means we get to work on very exciting projects, from supporting some of the world’s mission critical databases to using machine learning to help companies predict what to do next, and everything else in between. Here’s what we’ve been working on and blogging about lately:

Events to Check Out

We love getting involved in the community, whether that’s sponsoring events, speaking at conferences or hosting meetups. Take a look at what’s coming up:

  • May 12 to 13: “MySQL Backup Solutions in 2021” presented by Matthias Crauwels online at Percona Live.
  • May 10 to 28: “Empathy, Your Key to Success” presented by Olga Serrano at the  Digital by Default Summit.
  • May 10 to 28: “The New Norm: Driving Inclusion Amongst Remote Teams” presented by Jenn Vukojevic at the Digital by Default Summit.
  • June 17: “Moving to Cloud” presented by Simon Pane online at DAMA Calgary.

We’d Love to Get to Know You

Learn how you can be a part of our mission to help businesses use data, analytics and cloud to transform how they compete and win. Here’s what we’re currently hiring for:

  • Mongo Database Consultant (Americas)
  • MySQL Postgress Database Consultant (Americas)
  • Linux Site Reliability Consultant (Anywhere Remote) 
  • Sales Executive, Midwest (Midwest US) 
  • Sales Executive, Great Lakes (Great Lakes US)
  • Sales Development Representative (Ottawa, ON | Minneapolis, MN)
  • Demand Generation Manager (Ottawa, ON | Minneapolis, MN)
  • Field Marketing Coordinator (Hyderabad, India)
  • Marketing Manager, Database and Infrastructure (Hyderabad, India | North America) 
  • Senior Partner Marketing Manager (North America)
  • Product Manager, Database Portfolio (Hyderabad, India)

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