3 Reasons to Attend our FREE Oracle into Google Cloud Workshop

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Nov 1, 2023

Here are three more reasons why you should consider registering today. 

1. Uncover the benefits of Google Cloud for your business

Our workshop is designed to help you decide if migrating Oracle workloads into Google Cloud is the right choice for your business. This workshop will help uncover the advantages of migrating your Oracle workloads into Google Cloud, which include: 

  • Cost efficiency: Discover how Google Cloud can help you significantly reduce infrastructure costs by leveraging the pay-as-you-go model.
  • Scalability: Learn how Google Cloud’s robust infrastructure can easily scale up or down to meet your database demands.
  • Performance: Experience enhanced database performance with Google Cloud’s unique and innovative services optimized for transaction processing and improved response times.
  • Security: Discover the robust security features Google Cloud offers, including encryption, identity and access management, and automated threat detection that can help keep your data safe.

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2. Gain hands-on experience

Our workshop isn’t just about theory; it’s about hands-on experience. Get the chance to work directly with Pythian’s database experts, who have helped other customers like you in this migration process, are available to dive into your business needs, discuss your modernization goals, and evaluate the right cloud migration path forward. 

You’ll also gain access to Google Cloud’s intuitive tools and services using Qwiklabs. Discover how to set up and manage database workloads efficiently in a cloud-native environment. And best of all, our experts will be there to guide you through the process, answering questions you may have, and ensuring you’re ready for what’s next if Google Cloud is the right choice for your Oracle workloads. 

3. Leverage expert advice for your business

This workshop will be tailored to the unique complexities of your business and database modernization goals. Our Oracle and Google Cloud experts will help you uncover which Google Cloud database could be the best for your business, which Oracle workloads are good candidates to migrate into Google Cloud, and the resource planning required to get you there. 

This workshop is a completely free offering with no commitment—it’s your opportunity to learn, grow, and take your database management to the next level. Don’t miss out on this chance to unlock the power of Google Cloud for your business. 


Take advantage of our FREE workshops before they wrap up in mid-December—schedule today!

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