An Introduction to Chrome Browser Management

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Aug 9, 2020

Knowledge is power. The more information you can gather as an admin, the easier it is to manage the browsers that power your organization’s work. To simplify browser management and increase security, Google offers its Chrome Browser Cloud Management tool.

What Is Chrome Browser Cloud Management?

Chrome Browser Cloud Management is a simple way to manage Chrome browsers across your organization, regardless of the operating system. It can also be used to apply policies to those browsers without requiring users to sign on.

Cloud-Based Browser Management

Chrome Browser Cloud Management is a perfect browser management option for remote teams who have been off-network for a long period. It’s based in the cloud, so it’s simple to set up in your Google Admin Console by installing the token on devices to which you want to apply the management tool. For Windows devices, you can send a reg file and have users import the file into the registry, allowing the browser to start reporting back to the Admin Console. On Mac devices, you can do the same thing quickly through Jamf.

Why Use Chrome Browser Cloud Management?

After you enroll in each browser, you’ll begin to receive reports on browser activity. This may include user sign-ins, number of profiles each user has set up in their browser, extensions in use, apps installed, and more. Chrome Browser Cloud Management is critical for improving the safety of your organization. Using the tool, you can visualize each application and extension installed on all devices. If you notice a bad or unknown extension, you can simply click and disable it for the entire organization. There’s no need to check each profile individually. It’s also easy to block potentially malicious links and pop-ups. For example, pop-ups offering free coupons or deals can be blocked on all devices to prevent dangerous malware.

Benefits for The End-User

Contrary to popular belief, more admin control doesn’t mean more work for the end-user. Instead, it simplifies their browser experience. Whether they choose to use their Mac or Chromebook, their favorites, bookmarks, and more will follow them wherever they go. Admins can also push helpful tips and information to the end-user by utilizing the Admin Console. You can bookmark helpful websites, company information and more across devices for easy access.

The Best Benefit of Chrome Browser Cloud Management? It's Free

Chrome Browser Cloud Management is a tool that’s available to you right now, free of charge. It’s a simple way to harness more control over your organization’s critical tech tools. To learn more about Chrome Browser Cloud Management or for help configuring the tool, send us a message .  

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