Cloudscape podcast episode 9: September 2018

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Sep 6, 2018

Welcome back to another episode of the Cloudscape podcast. In this episode, we are joined by Greg Baker who will be discussing AWS, and Warner Chaves who will be discussing Microsoft Azure. I recently released a special episode of Cloudscape that covered highlights from Google Next, and all of the recent major Google Cloud Platform announcements can be found there. On Cloudscape Podcast episode nine, Greg and Warner do a great job of running us through the latest news from AWS and Azure and discuss the implications of each. We hear from Greg about T3 Instances, Aurora, ELF and Lightsail. Warner fills us in on the Azure Security Center, SQL Data Warehouse, Management Groups and cost forecasting. We finish off the episode reminiscing about some of the different versions of Windows before chatting about this month’s productivity tip. Be sure to tune in for this and a lot more! Key points from this episode: • Microsoft Azure’s venture into the blockchain. • Amazon’s new T3 Instances. • Azure’s cost forecasting API. • The new premium, business tier of Azure DB Managed Instances. • AWS Aurora’s new serverless offering. • The new features coming out on Microsoft Azure SQL. • Amazon Elastic File System and its provisioned throughput. • The AWS Lightsail announcement. • The newest developments from Azure Migrate. • The latest from Amazon’s EKU and GPU. • Unpacking Microsoft Azure’s Management Groups. • Optimization in AWS EKS. • Amazon ECS’ new compatibility with Docker volumes. • Azure’s Security Centre update. • AWS’ VPC Flow Logs working with S3. • Newest features on AWS’ Lambda at Edge. • Azure’s updates for SQL Data Warehouse. • This month’s productivity tip! • And much more! Links mentioned in today’s episode: NEXT Greg Baker Warner Chaves Ethereum Pythian T3 Instances Azure DB Managed Instances AWS Aurora Amazon Elastic File System Azure Migrate AWS Lightsail Docker Azure’s Security Centre AWS’ VPC Flow Logs AWS’ Lambda@Edge SQL Data Warehouse  

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