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Microsoft Ignite 2018 special cloudscape podcast

This episode of the Cloudscape podcast is dedicated to the announcements that were made at the recent Microsoft Ignite 2018 conference. We are joined solely by Warner Chaves to walk us through the most important and exciting announcements from the huge list of updates and releases aired at the conference. We chat about next year’s version of Microsoft SQL Server and the latest from Cosmos DB before launching into the intricacies of the rest of the news. Warner unpacks Azure Functions 2.0, HDInsight 4.0 and Hadoop 3.0! We also talk about Azure Dev Ops as the new, re-branded face of Visual Studio. For this and much more exciting details from Microsoft and Warner, be sure to tune in! Key points from this episode: • This year’s themes and pillars at Ignite. • SQL Server 2019 announced! • The new Hyperscale Managed Instances in Azure. • The latest from Cosmos DB. • Vendor lock-in and why Microsoft is shying away. • Azure Functions 2.0 and what is in store. • A rundown of the announcements regarding Kubernetes. • Microsoft’s automated machine learning preview. • Updates from HDInsight 4.0 and Hadoop 3.0. • The rebranding of Visual Studio into Azure DevOps. • Rounding up the Express Routes updates. • Ultra SSDs and ephemeral disks. • Improvements in Azure Database Migration Service • And much more! Links mentioned in today’s episode: Pythian Warner Chaves Microsoft Ignite 2018 Satya Narayana Nadella Azure Blog SQL Server PolyBase Datascape Podcast Cosmos DB Lambda HDInsight Hadoop Apache Druid Visual Studio Database Migration Service

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