Cloudscape podcast episode 6: July 2018

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Jul 6, 2018

Welcome to another episode of the Cloudscape Podcast. On today’s show we are joined by our usual panel of experts, Greg Baker discussing Amazon Web Services (AWS), John Laham discussing Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Warner Chaves discussing Microsoft Azure. With their help, we’ll be doing our normal round-up of the latest updates and developments from the world of the cloud. The discussion begins with Google's new managed service, then we move on to the Azure Data Factory copy tool. We cover Amazon Linux 2, Microsoft Azure Stack’s international spread and the updates to Amazon EC2. John takes us through Google’s Partner Interconnect and the latest from Kubernetes, and Greg branches out with his knowledge into the realm of machine learning, and also talks about Amazon SageMaker. We also hear from Warner on Azure’s new strengths in backup and restoration as well as a new traffic analysis feature. For all this and much more be sure to tune in and hear it all! Key points from this episode:
  • Google’s new venture into managed services for SAP HANA.
  • The Azure Data Factory copy tool and how it works.
  • Amazon Linux 2 and virtual desktops for increased mobility.
  • GCP’s new Cloud File Store.
  • Azure Stack’s global rollout and increased flexibility between on prem and the cloud.
  • Understanding the application of these new Azure Stack features.
  • AWS’s EC2 updates and the information on Bare Metal.
  • Google’s Partner Interconnect and the connectivity this offers customers abroad.
  • Amazon’s EKS eventual availability!
  • The most recent Kubernetes updates from Google.
  • Microsoft Azure’s developments in backing up and restoring.
  • Azure disaster recovery for VMs.
  • Amazon’s new machine learning service, Sagemaker.
  • Azure’s new traffic analysis features.
  • Sole-tenant nodes in Google Compute.
  • The latest developments from Azures standard SSDs.
  • GCP’s new streaming engine and data workflow.
And much more! Links mentioned in today's episode: Greg Baker John Laham Warner Chavez SAP HANA Azure Data Factory Salesforce Marketo Docker VMware Hyper V KVM Virtual Box GNOME KDE Amazon EFS Partner Interconnect Kubernetes Redshift BigQuery Sagemaker Kaggle Oracle Amazon Lambda Apache Beam Datascape Podcast

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