Cloudscape podcast episode 10: October 2018

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Oct 9, 2018

Welcome back to the Cloudscape podcast! In this month’s edition, we are joined by Greg Baker who will discuss the latest from Amazon and Kartick Sekar who will discuss the latest from Google. Warner Chaves will have his own Microsoft Azure dedicated episode where we discuss the announcements from Microsoft Ignite, so stay tuned for that shortly. Today, we hear from Kartick about Cloud Tasks, Cloud SQL, Memorystore and Speech-to-Text. Greg unpacks Parallel Query in Aurora, Storage Gateway, EC2 Instances and the updates to X-Ray. He also tells us about CloudFormation’s controversial new features before we jump back to GCP for the updates in Hybrid Cloud from Cisco and Google, Cloud TPUs and Access Transparency. We end off the chat discussing this month’s productivity tip, which is about the importance of continuous learning and how best to keep at it. For all this and much more be sure to tune in! Key points from this episode: • Cloud tasks from GCP and who might be excited about it. • Private networking connection for Cloud SQL. • Parallel Query for Aurora and why it speeds things up. • GCP’s Cloud Memorystore and its increased global availability. • Bigtable’s regional replication and the improvements it offers. • GCP Speech-to-Text and what it offers to all users. • Storage Gateway and AWS’s continued investment in hardware. • The AWS Systems Manager Session Manager update for Shell Access EC2 Instances • GCP Cloud Source Repositories as an external feature now. • The AWS X-Ray update and the problems it solves. • Lambda-powered macros in CloudFormation and its controversy. • Cloud Inference API and increased size of data set queries. • The introduction of GCP Support models. • Google and Cisco Hybrid Cloud Platform. • Kubernetes and GCP’s Cloud TPUs update. • The update from GCP Access Transparency. • This month’s productivity tip! Links mentioned in today's episode: Greg Baker Kartick Sekar Warner Chaves Microsoft Ignite Cloud Tasks Cloud SQL Parallel Query for Aurora MySQL PostGreSQL Netflix Cloud Memorystore Bigtable Speech-to-Text Storage Gateway Amazon EC2 ProxBox Cloud Source Repositories AWS X-Ray CloudFormation Google Next London Cloud Inference API Access Transparency Coursera Pluralsite

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