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Datascape episode 32 - March Cloud update show

Welcome back to the Datascape Podcast. On today’s show we are going to discuss the latest announcements from the leading public cloud vendors with our industry experts. We are joined by Pierig Le Saux who will be discussing Amazon Web Services' (AWS) updates, Warner Chavez who will be discussing the Microsoft Azure updates and last but not least, Kartick Sekar who will be discussing the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) updates. Today it’s all about the updates that came out since our December and January update. We dive into tons of updates, including the upping of SLA in AWS, Google’s launch of the BigQuery Sandbox and Azure’s query store, to only name a few. So for an in-depth update on all the latest happenings in the datascape, stay tuned! Key points from this episode: • SLA upped 99.9% for Kinesis products, Amazon Canto and Amazon MQ. • The query store for Azure SQL to warehouse moving from preview to general availability. • Google Next coming up in April. • Google’s new release of BigQuery Sandbox which doesn’t use a single credit card. • Amazon Elastic File System storage update by doing life cycle management for you. • The new Amazon FSX, a new file system for machine learning or HPC workload. • Azure cost manager: to analyze and manage the cost of your Azure subscription. • How cost efficiency has become a center play with various cloud consumers. • New connectors added to Azure data factory: Version 2. • New developer tool updates in AWS. • Open JDK strengthened and hardened to make it more production ready. • The increase of the node count in elastic search cluster by AWS. • The LSV2 series of Azure VM’s - they come with NVME SSD device that’s attached locally. • The new native Spark operator for Kubernetes. • Real bare metal instances in AWS has five instance types called M5.metal. • How the whole nature of designing applications has changed. • What types of transactions are required asset and what don’t from a data perspective. • Anomaly detection, a new feature in stream analytics. • Hear about the recent announcement of Google’s intention to acquire Alooma. • Microsoft’s updates to Azure monitor. • Trusted adviser updates: Dynamo DB and Route 53. • Productivity tip: Get away from the computer! • And much more! Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Pierig Le Saux AWS Warner Chavez Warner on Twitter Azure Kartick Sekar Kartick on LinkedIn Postgres Azure Oracle Pythian Aurora PostgreSQL GCP Amazon Kinesis SQL Database Google Next BigQuery Sandbox Mongo DB Cosmos DB Kubernetes Cassandra Apache Spark Open JDK

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