Pythian is loud and proud at Google Cloud Next '19

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Apr 1, 2019

I’ve just celebrated my 9th anniversary at Pythian. Wow, have we ever grown from the 65-person Oracle database-focused company we were in 2010. Today, we have significantly elevated conversations with clients to be much more transformative and strategic, over and above managing systems, and this continues to be a large part of our business. Cloud and data workloads are the main focus for my team on the business development side, driving projects that are significantly more complex with more moving pieces and a myriad of technologies. We’ve not only evolved our services, but our teams as well. Pythian data engineers continue to play a key, and expanding role, which includes hot topics such as data governance and security. And our 20+ year focus on ‘love your data’ has never been more relevant to winning in today’s data economy. Our partnership with Google Cloud and our GCP-related services fit perfectly into this vision. We’re super proud of the relationship we’ve built with the GCP team over the past five years and the awesome GCP-related client projects we’ve worked on. At Google Cloud Next ‘19 we’ll be showing the colors loud and proud all week. Why we love Google Cloud as a partner:
  • Google has superior technology services that our engineering and solutions architecture talent get really excited about, for today and tomorrow.
  • Google moves fast to solve big, tough problems.
  • Googlers are fun people to work with.
  • Partners don’t have a lot of big hoops to jump through. Opportunity is at hand. Programs are simple. Approvals are quick. Access to engineering is easy. Focus is on customer success. Pythian is recognized for who we are, a unique IT consultancy that brings Google-caliber resources and solutions to the table, solving big, tough problems for customers, fast. We feel loved, invested in and valued as a partner.
What we’re looking forward to:
  • More insight and vision from Thomas Kurian, the new head of Google Cloud. Especially as we have roots with him from Pythian’s Oracle history. We’re watching him closely.
  • More partner program news at the Partner Summit. As Google Cloud and its GTM team grow exponentially, we want to know how the partner team is keeping up and aligning with the ecosystem and making it easy for us to run alongside Google. @gcloudpartners this question is for you!
  • More visible signs of GCP market adoption - we expect this show to be sold out, with more media/analyst coverage than ever and more stories of enterprise customer success. We’ve seen this more than triple over the past few shows.
  • More sexy product/service announcements, especially on the ML/AI and data front - ideally anything that could be game changing to further enterprise data management and analytics maturity, data security and advanced cloud data warehouse capabilities.
What we’re up to all week:
  • A big booth and the largest investments we’ve made at an event, ever. Find us in Moscone South, Booth S1435.
  • Media coverage, and live tweeting/blogging all week. Watch for Pythian commentary here or follow @pythianpartners for poignant opinion on Googly announcements.
  • Storytelling with our client Optiva and our own Keith Millar. “Downtime? No. Cost Savings? Yes. — Optiva’s Migration to GCP”. Big $$$$$ savings by leveraging GCP in a short timeframe. April 9, 11:10am PT - Breakout - ARC212.
  • The yearly tradition of our world famous Friends of Pythian party.
  • Sessions, bootcamps, customer, partner and product manager meetings. Email if you want time on Pythian’s calendar.
  • Pythian’s lead GCP SA Kartick Sekar will share our data warehousing experiences with our peers April 10, 3pm PT Priority Workloads for Google Cloud - Partner Summit - PAR204.
  • A not-to-miss breakout with Alex Gorbachev, Pythian Cloud CTO showcasing our latest ML success stories in GCP Machine Learning Applications: From Cricket Video Analysis to Predicting Coal Mine Equipment Failures April 10, 12:35pm PT - Breakout - MLAI234.
  • Deep dives into tough data-related conversations at the Pythian Love Your Data Executive Experience on Monday, April 8.
We have a very large team attending for an organization of our size. Over 25 of our executives, technical leads, sales directors, technical project managers will be there with many of our current clients. Stop by our booth S1435 and we’ll give you our GCP story in person. Bring your toughest data-related questions - I guarantee we’ll have the answers. Oh, and stay tuned for some really big news coming from Pythian during the week. Shhh, it’s a secret until then. ;) I’ll be there on Saturday the 6th to begin our festivities early. See you there!

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