Datascape Episode 50: Recapping the Fall 2021 Microsoft Ignite Virtual Conference

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Jan 4, 2022

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In this episode, we recap the Ignite Fall 2021 virtual conference and main announcements by first introducing Fabiano Amorim and Luan Moreno Maciel, both Project Engineers and Microsoft Data Platform MVPs.

The hosts also discuss several on-premises and managed instance performance enhancement areas, including parameter-sensitive plan optimization, cross-platform snapshot backups, on-premises SQL to Synapse and much more.

Fabiano kicks things off with the lowdown on Microsoft’s SQL Server 2022 and by highlighting the new features and performance improvements we can expect with this release, including intelligent query processing features. He also highlights three improvements he looks forward to most: using the query store for feedback/intelligence, enabling it into read-only replicas and new query store hints.

Luan takes over with his thoughts about on-premises SQL to Synapse migrations and its end benefits to customers. He later discusses Microsoft’s data cataloging/data governance service, “Purview,” and whether it can be used as a driver for adopting Azure, as well as Apache Spark 3.1 capabilities.

Tune in to learn more.



Key Points From this Episode

  • Fabiano delves into Microsoft it’s push to cloud migrations, as well as on-premises improvements.
  • Fabiano talks about his top three new features for SQL Server 2022.
  • Warner and Fabiano discuss previous issues with the query store.
  • Warner and Fabiano introduce TempDB memory system tables.
  • Fabiano talks about ledger use tables and Azure DR for on-premises SQL.
  • Warner and Fabiano discuss cross-platform snapshot backups and Intel quick-assist improvements.
  • Fabiano talks about HA and DR replicas to managed instances.
  • Warner introduces managed instance improvements.
  • Fabiano lists his favorite managed instance improvements.
  • Warner and Fabiano discuss Windows authentication support in Managed Instance.
  • Luan discusses on-premises SQL to Synapse.
  • Luan talks about Microsoft’s data cataloging/data governance service.
  • Luan touches on Google Cloud Collibra.
  • Warner and Luan discuss database templates.
  • Warner touches on Synapse compute engines and workspaces.
  • Luan talks about Apache Spark 3.1 with adaptive query execution.


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