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Datascape Episode 51: Google Cloud Data Services Updates Fall 2021

Episode 51 Shownotes

Welcome back to the Datascape Podcast. In this episode, guest Scott McCormick, Solution Architect at Pythian talks about Google data services-related updates for Fall 2021.

Scott kicks things off with a discussion about Big Query Omni, Data Stream and Cloud Spanner. Throughout the episode, the hosts discuss the benefits of certain updates, including Vertex AI, Analytics Hub, Dataplex, Looker’s Tableau integration and much more.

Tune in for this information-filled episode.



Key Points From this Episode

  • Scott introduces himself and shares a short bio.
  • Warner and Scott discuss Analytics Hub.
  • Scott talks about Dataplex.
  • Scott talks about Data Stream for heterogeneous databases.
  • Warner and Scott discuss Big Query Omni.
  • Warner and Scott discuss serverless Spark.
  • Scott talks about Cloud Spanner.
  • The hosts discuss Vertex AI Workbench.
  • Scott touches on Looker and Tableau integration.
  • The hosts discuss semantic model layering.


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