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Datascape Episode 62: Post-COVID-19 IT, Enterprise Architecture, Data Mesh, and More With Paul Lewis

Episode 62 Shownotes

Welcome to another episode of the Datascape Podcast. In this episode, Pythian CTO Paul Lewis talks about technological challenges in the post-COVID-19 era, the state of enterprise architecture, the organizational landscape, cloud innovation, and more. 

Tune in to this information-packed episode to hear more.



Key Points From this Episode

  • Introduction of today’s topic: post-COVID-19 IT, enterprise architecture, and Data Mesh.
  • Paul outlines his background and experience.
  • Paul describes the differences between IT in conglomerates vs. smaller companies.
  • The hosts discuss remote working in IT staff after COVID-19.
  • Paul outlines the challenges of retaining creativity and collaboration post-pandemic.
  • Paul talks about changes in cultural impact and productivity when working from the office vs. virtually.
  • The hosts discuss organizational tech priorities after COVID-19, as well as service delivery and security expectations.
  • The hosts discuss cloud implementation and expectations during and after the pandemic.
  • The hosts break down the challenges and costs of investing in legacy systems.
  • The hosts discuss prevailing beliefs about moving to the cloud.
  • Paul talks about cloud security in complex security models.
  • The hosts discuss various topics, including private cloud, virtualization, cloud IaaS, and PaaS, balancing innovation and risk, governance, and blockchain.
  • Paul shares his thoughts on Data Mesh architecture and its practicality.


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