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Datascape podcast episode 24 – MariaDB and the MySQL ecosystem

Today on the show, I am joined by my colleagues, John Schulz and Valerie Parham-Thompson. Both John and Valerie just returned from the MariaDB Conference in New York City. As MariaDB is a native, relative and viable option to MySQL, I thought that it would be a good time to delve into the platform in detail and share what we have discovered with you here today. In this episode, we find out more about the MariaDB Conference – why it was founded, what the attendance was like and who the Conference is beneficial for. We then take a closer look at MariaDB and investigate the key differences between MariaDB and MySQL – highlighting MariaDB’s newest and most user-friendly features. We also learn more about other software platforms, such as Percona and Oracle, and how they compare to MariaDB. Our insightful guests continue to offer some helpful tips and resources for anyone getting started in MariaDB. So, if you are currently using MySQL or MariaDB, have just made the switch, or perhaps have just started with MariaDB fresh off the bat, then this is an episode packed with industry knowledge to get you stepping out on the right foot!

Key points from this episode:

• Find out how the MariaDB Conference was founded.
• Learn more about the organizers of the MariaDB Conference.
• Find out what attendance was like at the 2018 MariaDB Conference.
• Valerie shares more about her session topic of schema change methods.
• Discover the key differences between MariaDB and MySQL.
• Learn more about Percona, Oracle and available open source material.
• Tips for deciding on which software to use between Percona and MariaDB.
• Defining MariaDB: What exactly is it and how does it work?
• What makes the MariaDB and MySQL functionality unique?
• The newest features in MariaDB.
• Learn more about MariaDB’s PLSQL code support.
• Why people are choosing MariaDB over other cloud products.
• Getting help and support for new MariaDB learners.
• Find out how most people become MariaDB DBA’s.
• Valerie and John share helpful resources for getting started with MariaDB.
• And much more!

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MariaDB Conference
High Performance MySQL by Peter Zaitsev, Baron Schwartz & Vadim Tkachenko
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