Datascape Podcast Episode 47: March 2021 Cloud Update Show

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Mar 23, 2021

Episode 47: Show Notes

Welcome to another episode of the Datascape Podcast! In today’s show, we’re going to recap the very latest cloud updates since our last mass cloud update. Having recently recapped AWS’s re:Invent with Apoorva, we’ll be giving our attention to GCP and Azure updates. Joining us are Solutions Architect, Pierig Le Saux, and Data Platform Principal Architect, Warner Chaves.

To kick things off, Pierig tells us about the latest GCP service directory update; comparing Google’s implementation of the software to the likes of ZooKeeper or Consul. As the show develops, Pierig also touches on several other exciting updates which include changes to GCP cloud billing, the US-Europe cable which is set to strengthen speeds, and why Google’s Secret Manager is a step toward implementing auto rotation of passwords.

On Warner’s side of the desk, he fills us in on the new Azure Advisor scoring service and tells us about its nifty uses and dashboard. Later, Warner walks us through Azure’s modular data center and Azure Orbital, sharing why it’s perfect for emergency situations while eliminating the need for erecting data centers from the ground up, on-demand. Warner then shines a light on data governance and discusses why it’s so topical at present. We find out why some data governance services are inexplicably expensive, and how this is set to change in the very near future. To hear more on the latest cloud updates, be sure to join us in today’s recap show.

Key points from this episode:
  • Introducing today’s topic: recapping GCP and Azure updates.
  • What you can look forward to in the coming weeks.
  • Welcoming today’s guests: Warner Chaves and Pierig Le Saux.
  • Pierig tells us about the latest GCP service directory update.
  • Warner fills listeners in on the new Azure Advisor scoring service.
  • Hear about the GCP cloud billing change.
  • We unpack details about the new US-Europe cable.
  • Warner walks us through Azure’s modular data center and Azure Orbital.
  • Pierig talks about Cloud Composer.
  • Hear about Redis Enterprise.
  • We talk about another GCP product: Secret Manager.
  • Warner shares information about the Azure hybrid benefit for Linux.
  • Pierig tells us about some of the new features in BQ’s new UI.
  • Synapse Analytics’ move to go GA.
  • We touch on the new data lineage system for BigQuery.
  • We dive into data governance and discuss why it’s such a hot topic.
  • Pierig shares an update on real-time data integration in BigQuery.
  • Warner tells us more on Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant for cloud database management systems.
  • Warner wraps up his Azure update with details on his compliment Azure update.
  • Pierig touches on Kafka and Google pub/sub.
  • Pierig tells us about cloud SQL insights.
  • Hear about some new video analytics capabilities from Azure.
  • Warren offers some information about HoloLens and its capabilities.
  • We dive into IoT device deployment with Pierig.

And much more!


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