Discoverer Installation and Integration to R12.1.3 Instance

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Nov 6, 2013

This blog gives instructions on how to install Discoverer and get it integrated to your R12.1.3 instance.

For easy installation, I have provided all of the important screen shots in a slidehare Word document. These will guide you through all the steps.


You can find it here ==> Discoverer Installation and Integration to R12.1.3 Document

Before jumping into the installation, we need to do some preparation work like downloading required the software, having space in mount points and setting up an Ebiz Instance.

In quick summary, this blog is beneficial to any Applications DBA who wants to test Discoverer on a local test machine to get more experience on it.

Here are the things you need to keep on hand prior to using this content.

1. You need to have a working R12.1.3 instance installed.

2. You need to know important information and Administrator credentials of R12.1.3 Instance.

ex : This are the details I already have related to my R12.1.3 Instance.


    Port Pool: 40

    DB Port: 1561

    DB:  ==> DB Node        (oracle/oracle)

    MT:  ==> MT Node        (oracle/oracle)


    URL :





Note: both Oracle and Applications are owned by single user : Oracle

In case you don’t have your R12.1.3 instance installed. You need to do that as a first step prior to following the next steps.

Remember not all the above information is mandatory. For example, you don’t need to have “oracle” as your software owner and “SID: need not be TEST always”.

This information is only a guide. You may have slightly different pre-requisites based on your resources, but you have to tune accordingly through out the documentation wherever it is applicable. On the other hand, if you have your R12.1.3 instance and mount points as similar to the ones I mentioned, it will be easy to reproduce work with minimal customizations.

Summary of the blog post:

    1. This will help you download all the required software.

    2. This post will assume you will install Discoverer in Applications Tier ( in a split Ebiz architecture.

    3. Discoverer is installed in separate mount point naming : /disco

    4. Installing JDK 6u45

    5. Web Logic 10.3.6 Installation

    6. Discoverer Installation

    7. Discoverer Patchset Installation

    8. Configuring Newly Created Discoverer

    9. At the end this will show how front end access looks like once Discoverer is completely integrated.

Updated slide share document link again: Discoverer Installation and Integration to R12.1.3 Document

Note: You can download this document from the slideshare website.

Thanks for reading this blog.

Kiran Ginni

AIM: pythianginni

GTAlk: pythianginni

Skype: pythianginni

Y+ : pythianginni

References : Discoverer 11.1.1 with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 [ID 1074326.1]

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