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Errors in a puggable dtabase?

  There might be a situation where executing some DDL in pluggable database may cause the following error: ORA-65040: operation not allowed from within a pluggable database This error could occur if a tablespace is being dropped from within PDB and this tablespace is a former default tablespace having some of the system objects. Even system objects cannot be moved with simple alter statements from within PDBs. So in order to move these objects from within PDBs, you should be using procedure dbms_pdb.exec_as_oracle_script which is undocumented so far. For example: exec dbms_pdb.exec_as_oracle_script('alter table <owner>.<table_name> move tablespace <tablespace name>'); From My Oracle Support, Doc ID 1943303.1 lists: -- This procedure enables execution of certain restricted statements (most DDLs) on metadata-linked objects, from within a PDB.   Discover more about our expertise in the world of Oracle.

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