Exadata OEM Monitoring Plugins are Now Available

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Nov 26, 2010

The Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control monitoring plug-ins for Exadata have been released. This is great news for Exadata users, since important components like InfiniBand switches previously had no direct monitoring. The plug-in bundle includes five separate monitoring plugins:

  • KVM monitoring: hardware monitoring and reboot notification for the built-in Avocent KVM unit.
  • Cisco switch monitoring: a plug-in including hardware monitoring, plus CPU/memory usage and network interface status for the Cisco administrative switch in the Exadata rack. This is an updated version of the Cisco switch monitoring plug-in that has been available in OEM for some time.
  • ILOM Monitoring: the Integrated Lights-Out Manager on the database servers can now be monitored for hardware events and sensor data of the underlying server, as well as the health of the ILOM itself. What about the storage servers, you ask? The Exadata MS monitoring service already monitors ILOM events and can be managed via the existing Exadata storage server plugin.
  • InfiniBand Switch Monitoring: The Sun Datacenter 36 switches in Exadata V2 and up are finally monitored directly.
  • PDU Monitoring: The dual power distribution units in each Exadata rack actually have a management controller that can monitor on/off state and actual power consumption for each outlet.

Note that these plugins require OEM version 11g or greater for the Oracle Management Service, repository, and monitoring agent, so if you’re still using OEM 10.2, an upgrade will be required. They also require some configuration on the monitored devices themselves to enable SNMP alerts and for authentication.

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