Import/export multiple SSIS packages

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Sep 30, 2015

While I was working on a migration project recently, I had the task of importing and then exporting multiple packages - about 120~ on to a new server. Usually, if there are less numbers of packages we can do this task manually but, in this case it was tedious and time consuming to import and then export it manually. Here's where the utility DTUTIL comes in handy, this utility has many options that you can use according to your need. What I used is very simple and easy to use. I created a two batch file using the below commands: Exporting SSIS Packages to File: dtutil /SQL ExportPackage /COPY FILE;C:\Packages\ExportPackage.dtsx Importing SSIS Package to SQL: dtutil /file C:\Packages\ImportPackage.dtsx /copy sql;ImportPackage Find out more details and a comprehensive list of options.   Discover more about our expertise in SQL Server.

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