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Log buffer #549: a carnival of the vanities for DBAs

This log buffer edition covers Cloud, Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL. Cloud: One of the biggest trends in application development today is the use of APIs to power the backend technologies supporting a product. Increasingly, the way mobile, IoT, web applications or internal services talk to each other and to application frontends is using some API interface. This post courtesy of Tapodipta Ghosh, AWS Solutions Architect Amazon API Gateway provides you with a simple, flexible, secure and fully managed service that lets you focus on building core business services. The modern business landscape is ruled by data, with analytics and AI now essential for driving transformation. Customers have benefited tremendously from the performance, flexibility and low cost offered by Azure for analytics and AI workloads. As we evolve toward a world of ubiquitous computing, the design of the IoT solution spanning hardware, edge and cloud must be consistent and secure to drive real impact. While corporate devices are the key to employee productivity, they can also be the weak link when it comes to application and data security. Oracle: This walks you through the steps to install the Community Edition of Docker on Fedora 27. If you’ve been living under a rock for a few years, Docker is an open source container virtualization software. Presenting data in the format to ease visualization is required for any BI product. Power BI provides much of this with Data Analysis Expressions, ( DAX). The building blocks of an Exasol cluster are commodity Intel servers like e.g. Dell PowerEdge R740 with 96 GB RAM,12 x 1.2 TB SAS Hot-plug hard-drives and 2 x 10Gb Ethernet Cards for the private network. That’s sufficient to deliver outstanding performance combined with high availability. Complex materialized views and fast refresh In the British APEX Community? Then UKOUG Tech18 is where you need to be! Szymon Skorupinski blogs about Bloom filters and parallel execution. SQL Server: Re-platforming and modernizing your data workloads with SQL Server on Linux The General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR) is now in effect as of May 25th, 2018. GDPR has significant implications on the use and management of your customers’ personal data. SSMS 17.8 is now available A new update for mssql-cli, an interactive CLI, is now available SQL Server Automatic Tuning around the world Deploy Azure SQL Managed Instance network environment using ARM MySQL: In some cases, the server creates internal temporary tables while processing statements. These tables could be stored in memory or on disk – the first option is preferred but there exist some limitations. Working in software development, versioning of code is something that we’ve often taken for granted. Task definitions and bug descriptions are preferably also managed by a system that versions every change. If you are going to be using InnoDB tables and if you plan to have innodb_file_per_table enabled, then your best option would probably be to use the CREATE TABLE statement’s “DATA DIRECTORY” option, so that you can place a table outside the data directory. Blood, sweat, tears and the JSON format logging is finally supported by the Audit Log plugin. This comes in pair with the feature that allows to read log events, which could be useful for rapid analysis of the audit log trail without the need of accessing the files directly How to Set Up Replication Between AWS Aurora and an External MySQL Instance

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