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Log buffer #554: a carnival of the vanities for DBAs

This log buffer edition covers Cloud, Oracle and MySQL. Cloud Google Cloud is announcing an easy way to back up and replay your streaming pipeline events directly from the Cloud Console via a new collection of simple import/export templates. If you are a developer interested in data stream processing, you’ll likely find this feature very handy. Google network engineering uses a diverse set of vendor equipment to route user traffic from an internet service provider to one of our serving front ends inside a GCP data center. Over the last two decades, the IT profession has developed new ways of working that are intended to deliver better business value more quickly and at lower risk. Today’s digital transformations pose a number of challenges, or certainly major changes, for finance professionals in enterprises. Yet finance is a critical player in these transformations and in the “ transformed” enterprise. This post provides an overview of launching, setting up and configuring a Hyper-V enabled host, launching a guest virtual machine (VM) within Hyper-V running on i3.metal. This one provides an overview of moving a common blogging platform, WordPress, running on an on-premises virtualized Microsoft Hyper-V platform to AWS, including re-pointing the DNS records. Oracle Oracle has just released the Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Cloud Service. This is the second service of the Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Services, after Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud Service which launched earlier this year. First Steps with Prometheus and Grafana on Kubernetes on Windows. If you want to batch-process over a number of objects in Exasol, scripts that work with the data dictionary might do the trick. Spark is a very popular environment for processing data and doing machine learning in a distributed environment. When working in a development environment, you might work on a single node. This can be your local PC or laptop, as not everyone will have access to a multi-node distributed environment. But what if you could spin up some docker images there by creating additional nodes for you to test out the scalability of your Spark? Oracle VBCS allows us to build multiple flows within the application. This is great - it helps to split application logic into different smaller modules, although VBCS doesn't offer (in the current version) declarative support to build menu structure to navigate between the flows. MySQL InnoDB Parallel Flushing was introduced with MySQL 5.7 (as a single-thread flushing was no longer feasible), and implemented as dedicated parallel threads (cleaners) which are involved in background once per second to do LRU-driven flushing first (in case there is no more or too low amount of free pages) and then REDO-driven flushing . MySQL 8.0 introduced a new feature that allows you to persist configuration changes from inside MySQL. Previously, you could execute SET GLOBAL to change the configuration at runtime, but you needed to update your MySQL configuration file in order to persist the change. Both MySQL and MariaDB publish a respectful list of customers who are using their database as their core data infrastructure. Progress information is implemented through the Performance Schema using the stage events. In version 8.0.12 there are currently seven stages that can provide this information for ALTER TABLE statements on InnoDB tables. When loading massive amounts of data into NDB when testing the new adaptive checkpoint speed I noted that checkpoints slowed down as the database size grew.

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