Log buffer #557: a carnival of the vanities for DBAs

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Jan 15, 2019

This log buffer edition covers Cloud, Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL. Cloud Brent Langston confirms that now you can add tags to your Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR) resources. This new feature enables better grouping of ECR repositories, better searching and filtering in the console and better cost allocation. Here is something new for AWS Lambda: Use Any Programming Language and Share Common Components. Today, most machine learning tasks use a technique called supervised learning: an algorithm learns patterns or behaviours from a labelled dataset. This blog post has assembled some New Year’s resolutions to guide the way toward operating a faster, more efficient cloud infrastructure. The pace of development for retail Internet of Things (IoT) solutions continues to build. From enhanced customer insights to better staff utilization and increased supply chain efficiency, sophisticated IoT solutions are helping retailers improve, and even reimagine, the retail experience. Oracle OIC Integration handles optional elements the same for both XML as well as JSON based elements, including mapping from XML to JSON and vice versa. The reason being that internally OIC will map JSON to XML. Case-sensitive passwords were introduced in Oracle Database 11g, causing some misunderstanding and introducing quite a lot of annoying problems for DBAs, even though it was really required to bring level of Oracle’s security to 21st Century standards The challenge: you are running a service, API or web application in a Docker container, locally on your laptop or in a cloud-based VM or container platform. You would like to provide access to external consumers – yourself on your smart phone, a piece of code running in a cloud environment, a colleague on your local network or on the other side of the world. When configuring a physical standby database for Oracle using Data Guard, you need to create Standby Redo logs to allow the redo to be applied in (near) real-time to the standby. Without Standby Redo logs, Oracle will wait for an entire Archive Log to be filled and copied across to the standby before it will apply changes, which could take quite a while. Oracle Connection Manager ( cman) is a great tool to create a gateway between networks which cannot be connected or filter those who can access to a service. Most of the time, it's a very robust implementation and doesn't need a lot of attention. PostgreSQL Data Anonymization is a complex topic but PostgreSQL has a lot of interesting features to tackle this challenge! Here is an overview of different approaches and how to implement them directly within a PostgreSQL database. After the final release of patch 9.3.25 on November 8, 2018, PostgreSQL 9.3 is no longer supported. Therefore, it’s time for all users of PG 9.3 to upgrade their databases to a newer supported version. Postgres supports fourteen authentication methods — that might seem like a lot, but Postgres is used in many environments, and it has to support whatever methods are being used in those environments. Historically, PostgreSQL has provided compilation features in the form of ahead-of-time compilation for PL/pgSQL functions and version 10 introduced expression compilation. None of those generate machine code though. UUIDs are a popular identifier data type - they are unpredictable, and/or globally unique (or at least very unlikely to collide) and quite easy to generate. MySQL MySQL 8.0 was released with awesome features. One of its most prominent features is CTE (Common Table Expression). MySQL is extensive and has lots of areas to optimize and tweak for the desired performance. Some changes can be performed dynamically, others require a server restart. Amazon Aurora with MySQL Compatibility comes in three editions which, at the time of writing, have quite a few differences around the features that they support. TasksMax: Another Setting That Can Cause MySQL Error Messages Automation Script For Percona Xtrabackup FULL/Incremental

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